Amy Dipman: Reiki Master and Intutive Guide

Amy Dipman grew up in the heart of the Redwoods of northern California. She has a deep connection to mother nature, which informs her holistic approach to healing. It connects her to the innate wisdom and healing ability we all possess. Her career path has always been of service. From social worker, to mom, to coach, intuitive guide and Reiki Master, Amy is dedicated to helping people connect to their own inner strength and wisdom so they can live healthier and more aligned lives.

The core of what Amy does is to create space for the wisdom of the soul and body to come through. She helps clients expand their own intuition and understand the messages of their body. Clients tap into their own healing ability and learn how to integrate it into their daily lives.

Amy is a certified Reiki Master. Through Reiki, she’s a channel for healing. The process clears physical and emotional energy blocks and recalibrates the energetic body. This leaves her clients in a state of wellbeing and grace. Following Reiki sessions, Amy provides an intuitive reading, which includes recommendations to take the healing deeper.