Self Healing, Jesse Stark

I remember when I was a young kid my parents arguing, yelling and verbally fighting with each other. I was an only child, I didn’t know what to do or what to think. I remember just thinking and hoping they would stop. The echoes of my parents yelling voices would bounce through the walls and into my room as I sat  there soaked in sadness. After a particular fight my parents got into I remember my Mom getting me into the car to make a mad dash to leave the house and as we were pulling out of the driveway I looked out to see my Dad melting down in pain. He was screaming, hurt and angry seeing the two things he loves most in the world drive away. I was young, I didn’t know my way in the world and it was a lot to take in seeing this from my family at home where its supposed to be the safest and most loving environment for not only a kid but for all family members.

Now fast forward to 30 years later. These types of memories are far gone in the past but they are still part of me even though it’s not fully present in my everyday life. One way to self heal from incidents like this is to re visit these memories in a Meditation. What happens when you bring up the psychic antenna and you awaken the subconscious heart, when you go back there you no longer see or feel your self as the victim. Through raising your vibration you now see it from a refreshing level of love, compassion and understanding. This level of love that runs through you cleanses and releases any energy that may have been held up inside you as you visualize yourself being back in your body during a particular time period or specific incident. The energy that ignites from your heart carries its way to the other chakras to charge them. It clears a path for energy to rise. This is how you move and shift energy, the heart is the engine and it is no coincidence that the heart chakra is in the middle of the color spectrum. Never underestimate the power that you have. Look inside you, the answers are there waiting for you to tap in. This is an effective way to release any emotional pain that you might have from your past. It also reinforces and reminds us that everything we go through in life we learn, we grow we improve and we better ourselves. It’s refreshing to reflect on our past with the perception of a loving heart. The universe undoubtedly works in your favor, nothing is against you and nothing can stop you. You are the healer.

Jesse Stark has always loved sound and been amazed at the power of music’s effect on us. Transitioning into sound healing to move energy was a natural step for him from being a songwriter and musical artist. His goal is to ignite your energy, find out what’s right with you, and bring the best out of you.