Louise Hay and the File Cabinet

I was trying to decide what to write about this month on the saw day Louise Hay passed away. It was all over my Facebook feed. Like many people I know, Louise Hay had an early impact on my spiritual and personal growth path. I was first introduced to her by my sister in the early 90’s, when I had an overactive thyroid. Along with Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, I had a cassette recording that I listened to regularly. Some of the images she gave for shifting my beliefs still remain in my head.

One of these is about picturing a file cabinet filled with all the beliefs we hold about ourselves. The cabinet is overflowing with all of the memories that fit with these beliefs. When we try to create a new belief, the file clerk comes up and says, “Are you sure you mean that? I don’t have a file for that.” It’s easy to say, “Oh. I didn’t mean that,” and to go back to the old belief. She said that it’s our job to stand up to the file clerk and say, “Yes, I do mean that. Go create a new file because I’m going to be saying that a lot now.”

I have a very analytical mind so this way of looking at my beliefs worked very well for me at that time. As I started shifting my beliefs, I found other metaphors that fit better with the changing me. However, this one stays with me even though I rarely use it anymore.

If you are finding it challenging to get a new belief to stick, perhaps it’s because you need to create a new file folder. Tell your file clerk to make one. Start consciously filling it with appropriate stories and memories. The more you add to it, the easier it will be to believe the new belief instead of the old one.

Another story that she told on that recording was about car problems being a reflection of what is going on in our life. She joked about writing a book entitled something like, “Heal Your Car, Heal Your Life.” If I take that one to heart, my life should be completely shifting now. I have just replaced my 21 year old Toyota Corolla wagon with an electric Fiat. This small and fast car is the perfect way for me to get around. It is a reflection of my new life. Since an electric car does not require much maintenance, perhaps it will mean that my body will easily stay healthy too!

I am grateful to Louise Hay and all of the other teachers who have helped me to create the life I am living today. With all the challenges happening in the world, it’s important to remember people who are having a positive impact. Louise Hay will continue to do so even after her passing. Take time to reflect on some of the people you know who have made a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Louise Hay was clearly one of those people for me. Even though I haven’t looked at any of her work in years, I would not still remember these two stories of hers if she hadn’t made an impression.

If you need help with changing your limiting beliefs, Songbird Community Healing Center has many practitioners to help you as well as on-going classes. Our September Friday Flock Night, The Art of Healing as well as our Equinox ceremony can also help.