20160816_194257There are many types of awareness that aid in our wellbeing. The Toltec path taught me awareness of the voices in my head. Feldenkrais (Awareness through Movement) taught me body awareness. Learning to stay in the moment taught me to become more aware of my surroundings. That’s why I saw this hummingbird that recently came to my house by moonlight. How aware are you in body, mind, and spirit?

Fifteen years ago I was not very aware. I told one of my Toltec teachers that I thought everyone was judging me, but I insisted I wasn’t judging myself. When he told me that it wouldn’t matter what others thought if I wasn’t judging myself, it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Once I became aware of what I was telling myself, I could start shifting it. Now, more and more the judgments truly are gone.

Physical awareness is equally important. When you learn to tune into your body’s health, you know when something is off. This can help you shift something before it becomes a major issue. Feldenkrais classes have helped me, as well as the various healing techniques I have learned over the years. Taekwondo was great for my son. Because of my increasing awareness of my body, I have been able to stay healthy and clear my health problems before they become serious.

One way to stay more aware is to set an alarm to go off every 30 or 60 minutes (or more if you’re up for it). Every time it goes off, you can take a moment to tune in.

-What thoughts are going through your head? Do you like them? Are they judgments? Do you want to shift them or keep them?

-What are you doing? How is your body posture? How are you sitting? How are you breathing? Is there anything you want to shift to feel more comfortable?

-What is going on around you? Is there anything to be aware of in the world around you? Are you tuned in or tuned out? Take time to smell the roses and see the hummingbirds.

As you do this exercise, remember that it is an exercise in awareness. If judgments come up, do your best to be a neutral observer and not get caught up in them.

By becoming more aware on all levels, you can transform your life. The hummingbird represents joy and manifestation of your dreams. This awareness of where you are you now is the start of that process. It allows you to start transforming your life. From there, you can transform the world!

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