Tarot Resonance: The Chariot of July – Ride Like the Wind! by Sue Wilhite

Imagine this:

Chariot card from Voyager Tarot

You’re outside, in a wide-open space, with empty horizon as far as you can see. You’re standing on a raised wooden platform with just barely enough room for you to put your feet, and a waist-high barrier surrounding your front and two sides, leaving your back open. Two steeds, harnessed to the front of the platform, shuffle their feet, and toss their heads impatiently. The platform rocks gently on its two large wheels.

You mentally and physically brace yourself, gripping the front of the barrier and setting your feet firmly. You fix your destination and direction clearly in mind, and you shout the command to “GO!”

The steeds leap forward, and in moments the wind is streaming by your face with a rush, and the sound of the wheels rumbles louder and louder. You feel the joy of finally moving forward toward your goal, until…

“Huh,” you think. “Maybe I should have picked up some protein bars before I left. Oh, and I forgot the dry cleaning. I wanted to wear…” But before you can complete that thought, one of the steeds has peeled off to go in a different direction than his companion, who is gamely trying to continue forward.

The platform jerks and nearly overturns as the animals compete for directional dominance. “STOP!” you yell, and everything does.

The seventh month of the year resonates with the number 7, the number of the Chariot in the Major Arcana. The Chariot is about using your focused will to move you forward. (June, as the 6th month, was all about making choices, helping to pick the direction of the Chariot.)

The Chariot has no reins; it depends on intention to guide it. I frequently see people who wonder why they’re not going anywhere: they have conflicting intentions of I Really Want to Go/But it’s Safer if I Stay, This Way Looks Awesome/But That Way is Probably Better, and so on. And so their motive power – their steeds – gets confused and goes awry.

The Chariot clearly and powerfully resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra in the energy system of the body. If you’re having difficulty moving forward, try some meditations on opening that Chakra. Or, you can pull some cards about your Chariot energy:

Chariot Spread

  • The Platform: Look at your support: what’s carrying you? How well is it built?
  • The Wheels (2): Are they both solidly attached or are they a little wobbly?
  • The Steeds (2): What’s your motive power? What’s the energy?
  • The Road/Direction: Where are you going? Forward, backward, or in circles?

Sue Wilhite is an author and Master Voyager Tarot Consultant. She spent 25 years in IT departments in the Silicon Valley before developing her right brain by going back to her early fascination with metaphysics and spiritual studies. She is also a Law of Attraction coach, sound healer, and is known as the “Profit Attraction Mentor.” She specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies. For more information,  come by her walk-in hours on Mondays from 11-2, or check out her website.