Change your Life by Changing What You Eat

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Each day is a new beginning with endless possibilities. I truly believe that. Unfortunately, when you don’t feel well, are tired, lack energy, have aches and pains, feel bloated and fat, it’s hard to have a positive attitude and feel like anything is possible. You might be happy just to make it through the day.

Maybe you skip breakfast because you are running late. Perhaps it was hard to get out of bed because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. So you grab a cup of coffee in place of breakfast, hoping this will kick-start you into action. You’re happy to be saving a few calories by not eating, and besides you’re not hungry anyway. A few hours later you feel kind of sick, your stomach let’s you know it’s empty and you grab a bran muffin. Then you feel bloated … and your attitude takes a serious nosedive.

This doesn’t sound very healthy, and it’s not. You deserve better! You deserve optimum health. What would that feel like? Are you too old and set in your old ways to find out? Of course not!

I am a health coach and owner of HiHoFit (short for healthy inside/healthy outside). I am your guide and partner in restoring natural health—everyone’s birthright.

What if I told you your life could change drastically just by changing what you eat?  You can learn exactly how your body uses food and what serves you personally and what does not. Yup, it’s true. I’ve done it myself, along with thousands of others and so can you!

Are you tired of trying to figure out what is healthy and adhering to food plans that never work for you? Do you wonder why that belly fat won’t disappear no matter what you do? Maybe you feel like your brain is fuzzy and you can’t seem to stay on task. You might experience achy joints. Are you often tired in the morning?

All these symptoms and more can be caused by the food you are eating. Even so-called “healthy” foods can cause you to feel lousy if they aren’t what your body needs. So how do you know which foods are the ones you should eat and which ones to avoid?

I invite you to join me for my Friday Night Flock Night in January so you can finally get the answers you want. Find out how to RESTORE healthy metabolism, HEAL your digestive tract and BOOST your immune system—let’s do this together to make 2016 YOUR year of optimum health!

Change Your Life by Changing What You Eat

January 15, 2016 at 7:30 p.m, suggested donation $10-$20

sonomacountycotatiholistichealthcoachingrhondaleeRhonda Lee grew up in the mid-west on a small family farm. She learned early on about the cycles of life and how striving for and living natural balance is key to a happy and healthy life. Her focus with clients is finding this balance as a holistic health coach. Honoring your physical body allows one to fulfill passions and dreams. She believes that without health it is difficult to realize your potential.

Her background is diverse and her training includes: Waldorf Class Teacher grades 1-8, CA licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, CHEK Exercise Coach and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach I, mentorship with Dr. Daniel Kalish in functional medicine, water fitness and group exercise instructor, and professional potter since 1975.

Rhonda loves helping clients learn new ways to support a healthy body. She gives consultations and coaching on diet, exercise, hydration, adrenal health, digestion and gut issues, sleep problems, foggy thinking, and weight loss. Individual plans are formulated using health history, science based lab tests (saliva and stool tests), goals, and her knowledge and expertise in a straight forward approach. Contact: rh****@so************.org, 707-758-7681.