Lady Portia: Graceful Growth In Times of Change, by Natalie Doel

Divine Order

Once again, the card that came up for this month’s blog, Lady Portia: Divine Order, is so resonant it literally took my breath away. Lady Portia is featured in Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle as one of the ‘lords of karma.’ She is the Greco-Roman goddess of Justice, and statues of her as a blindfolded woman holding scales still stand outside courthouses today. In a related role, Kyle Gray and other modern mystics consider her and Saint Germaine to be twin flames who complement each other’s energies and tend the Violet Flame of transformation together.

The message on Lady Portia’s card reads, “Do what you feel is right. An important lesson is unfolding.” Well, the incredible momentum that the Black Lives Matter movement has gained in just a few short weeks has spurred an astonishing number of people and institutions to do just that like never before. The way policing is done both in this country and worldwide is being revisited in a long-overdue way, and voices are finally being heard that have been silenced for far too long.

On top of that, just a few days prior to this writing the Supreme Court ruled that employers cannot legally discriminate against LGBTQ+ people in their hiring and firing decisions. While this ruling only covers the sphere of work and leaves many other avenues of discrimination untouched, it is still a huge step, especially when you consider that the majority decision was delivered by Trump-appointed conservative justice Neil Gorsuch.

In the past few weeks and months, all of humanity has literally been submerged in a cauldron of transformation. As we make the transition from a fear and domination-based society to one based on love, equality, and justice, all the areas where the old paradigm still reigns must be brought to the surface and acknowledged so they can be transmuted in the fire of awareness and love.

It’s important at this time to recognize that the so-called ‘lords of karma’—Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst, St. Germain, and Lady Portia—are not here to dole out judgment and punishment for the sins of our fathers, so to speak. Rather, they are here to lovingly support us in learning some vitally important lessons both individually and collectively, so we can step into the new world that is possible on the other side of this transformational gauntlet we’ve been in. The only way out is through, and the light realms are here to offer support on the journey, if we can only allow ourselves to receive it.

The divine feminine qualities of compassion, trust, allowing, and humility are what we most need in order to grow with the greatest possible grace during these times. May you accept the help of your angels and guides as you find your way, one grateful step at a time.

Natalie Doel is a Certified Angel Guide with Kyle Gray, intuitive consultant, and spiritual life coach. See her Songbird bio and website to learn more about her offerings, and to sign up to receive weekly angel messages in your inbox. To schedule a private session either in person or online, email her at