Monthly Essential Oil: A New Perspective on Clarity – by Shannon Sundberg

The other day after dropping off at school, I drove 20 minutes to work on the freeway, parked, gathered my bag and coffee, and arrived at the door to my office.  Seems normal unless you suddenly realize you have almost no recollection of the drive and have no clue where your purse is with the keys to your office.  Better yet, you try to remember the last hour of your morning and all you can think of are the things you didn’t get done yesterday, the million and one items on the list for today, and you start feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  You finally get into your office and try to combine the “to do” list from yesterday with today’s and then prioritize the items and shift items to other days…did you forget anything?  I have no clue and no Clarity!

I sat at my desk wondering where to get started.  My brain was tired.  I had looming deadlines.  I was anxious and couldn’t get to sleep.  I was overwhelmed and had a layer of fog that floated behind my eyes in my head.  What was blocking my clarity?  I needed focus, energy, stimulation, with a little bit of calmness and confidence tossed in.

After considering using Peppermint (always a favorite), I thought back and actually remembered that Young Living essential oil blends are named for a purpose.  I decided to take a chance and diffuse a blend offered exclusively from Young Living that touted the description of focus, alertness, and sense of clarity.  Yup, that’s what I needed.


The crisp clean herbaceous aroma with the hint of florals would inspire the breeze to come blow the fog out of my brain.

As my mind cleared and I focused on the task at hand, my stimulated senses pushed aside any confusion, my shoulder muscles relaxed and I set about conquering my dreaded “to do” list with confidence.

As afternoon approached…along with deadlines, I applied some Clarity behind my ears, on the back of my neck, on my wrists and temples.  I sat quietly breathing the aroma and could pick out some of my favorite oils within the blend.  Basil, Rosemary, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, just to name a handful that beautifully mingles with 7 additional oils.

As I rush to my next appointment, I realized the drive is stunning with the bright sun and intensified colors.  How did I miss my vibrant surroundings on the drive this morning?

I conquered my day that started with confusion, fatigue, stress and tension.  I supported my subconscious mind, physical being, and peaceful spirit with a clear path and focus.  I was even able to remember where the heck I left my purse.

The essential oil blend Clarity with its clean aroma and therapeutic benefits is the breeze that cleared my fog.

Shannon Sundberg is an Aromatherapist, and Young Living Independent Distributor. For more information, come by her essential oil class at Songbird on 3rd Thursdays from 7pm-9pm or check out her bio.