Combining Songbird & Stones Throw, Jasmine Gold

When I bought the Songbird building five years ago, I thought I was done with remodeling and moving. Then Spirit called me to open the store 3 ½ years ago and to move it 1 ½ years ago, right before a fire in the building. Now J&D Tattoo has moved out from upstairs at Songbird and I am combining the two.

Over the last year, I have had a sense that I needed to find a way to move Stones Throw into the Songbird building. Being across the street from each other wasn’t providing the cross-promotion I had hoped for. The feeling that I needed to make a shift had been getting stronger and stronger. I had been trusting my intuition and exploring options, but nothing was feeling quite right. The choice I was considering most was to add on to the front of Songbird, but it didn’t seem to be worth the cost. I didn’t want to give notice to J&D Tattoo because I didn’t want to kick out a business that has been there for almost 25 years, and I liked the steady rent.

I had started working with an architect to create permit plans so I could get a bid to find out the cost of adding on. If it made sense financially, I was going to remodel in a relaxed fashion over the course of this year before the lease at Stones Throw runs out. However, as is often the case in my life, Spirit had other plans. Big decisions always seem to happen quickly.

Delaney, who took over ownership of J&D Tattoo about the same time I bought the building, moved to Anchorage at the end of February. Instead of finally having a slow move, I have jumped instantly into another remodel so I can move Stones Throw and sublease our current location. That made much more sense than finding another tenant.

Songbird will move upstairs sometime in May. Our new large room will be about 2/3 of the size of the current one, but there will be a separate reception area and chair storage so the combined square footage will be almost the same. There will be one small room upstairs instead of two and a therapy office that is larger than our downstairs treatment rooms. Stones Throw will move sometime in late May or early June and be in the large downstairs classroom space. The two treatment rooms downstairs will remain.

These new configuration will allow us to better cross promote the two and better serve the community. We will be able to easily offer our walk-in services to those who come into the store. Because I was already exploring options for combining the two of them, I didn’t panic when J&D Tattoo moved out. I was able to trust, go with the flow, and find a new configuration. If I hadn’t been exploring already, deciding what to do might have been a challenge.

When people ask me for my advice on manifesting, one of the biggest pieces of advice I give is to trust yourself. Don’t let the outer or inner voices pull you off your path. Being able to tell the difference between your inner knowing and your inner voices takes constant practice. Spring is a great time for working on yourself since it is the season for planting seeds and clearing out the weeds that keep them from prospering. Constantly clearing and shifting over the years has let my life and businesses be successful in ways that I would never have expected. I know what seed I plant, but just as every plant of the same type grows differently, I never know just how my seeds will grow.

If your seeds are struggling to grow, check out this month’s Flock Nights. Your Heart is Smart with Steven “Rakesh” Klamm shares the tools of HeartMath to help you get in touch with what your heart is telling to plant. Prosperity through the Chakras with Songbird Center practitioner Sue Wilhite helps you clear your chakra blocks to prosperity. We also have many on-going classes and services to support you.

I’m excited to see how the energy of bringing Songbird and Stones Throw together brings more prosperity to both.