Calling on the Archeia: Faith, Hope, and Charity with Natalie Doel

When I asked the angels for a topic for this month’s column, immediately three cards from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle (KOTL) came to mind: Faith, Hope, and Charity. We have all heard of these qualities, but it was only in my studies with Kyle that I learned they are known collectively as the Archeia and are considered to be Archangels in their own right, as well as ‘twin flames’ (complementary energies) to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Chamuel respectively. In my experience, they carry a strong Divine Feminine frequency both individually and as a trinity.

I’m writing this on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, when a pandemic has brought human activity to a standstill and the Earth herself seems to be reminding us that we ignore our connection with Her at our peril.  A resurgence of Divine Feminine energy has already been underway for some time, but the Archeia are here to confirm the arrival of a powerful new wave whose influence will be impossible to ignore. Humanity will survive and thrive in the times to come only to the extent that we can cultivate the qualities of compassion, humility, and trust—qualities long associated with feminine forms of the Divine. We must recognize that:

1. As children of God, we are all of equal value regardless of anything we have done or the “contributions” we have made to society. Our worth is beyond measure, just by being here. Humility means that we are no greater than, or less than, All That Is. If you have lost your income, choose to value yourself anyway and be willing to let the Universe bring you abundance in a form you would never have expected. The world must confront the fact that those who perform some of the most essential work of society are also some of the lowest-paid, and commit to taking actions that will distribute wealth more fairly. This will happen naturally when each of us commits to perceiving our own worth through Divine eyes.

2. There are as many experiences of this pandemic as there are individuals; some of us are thriving even as others suffer grave financial losses or even lose loved ones. When circumstances move beyond our control (and indeed they always are, even when it appears otherwise), we still have a choice over how they affect us. Can we maintain a hopeful attitude even in the face of fear? Trust is simply a choice we must make again and again, until our reality begins to match our faith. When you can see through the eyes of gratitude and trust even in these times, you will experience abundance in every form.

3. As things return to some form of “normal,” we will face a Presidential election that will highlight just how divided our country is. When someone on the “other side” says something that makes you want to scream, can you try instead to hear the unmet need underneath their words? Compassion means choosing empathy over judgment every time, no matter what.

I find it interesting that I cannot find the card image for Faith anywhere. It is as if she is underscoring the importance of seeing beyond appearances to the divine spark in yourself and others. The message on her card says it all:

Stay calm. Trust the good in yourself and others. See the light in the world.

Please send me your questions for next month’s column, and take good care till then.

Natalie Doel is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Card Reader. For more information, see her Songbird bio and website. To schedule a session, contact her at, 415-533-3922.