Bergamot: The Oil of Self-Acceptance, Anna Bazarnaya

The essential oil of Bergamot allows love to radiate and saturate your soul, promoting moral courage and helps acknowledge your own highest gifts and use them smartly! It reduces the pressing heaviness of the mind, bringing illumination and laughter, the playfulness of eternal youth, and happiness. If you cry inside and heart is aching, let Bergamot lighten you up, dispel self-criticism, and self-blaming, instilling a sense of peace and composure.

Bergamot got its name after the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where the oil was first sold, but now is mainly produced in southern Italy. The oil has been used in Italian folk medicine for many years, primarily for fever (including malaria) and worms. This healing essential oil comes from a rind of a miniature tree, about 4.5 meters high with smooth oval leaves, bearing small round fruit, which ripens from green to yellow, much like a tiny orange in appearance. Produced by cold expression or vacuum distillation, Bergamot essential oil contains about 300 chemical compounds that define its medicinal effect.

Bergamot has an incredible healing effect on various systems of our body:

Respiratory system: halitosis, mouth infections, sore throat, tonsillitis.

Digestive system: nervous indigestion, loss of appetite, flatulence.

Nervous system: calming, but gently toning, having a refreshing and uplifting quality, relieves nervous depression and anxiety, stress-related conditions.

Immune system: treats infectious diseases, fevers, colds, flu.

Urinary/Reproductive system: genito-urinary infections, including cystitis, leucorrhoea, pruritis, thrush.

Skincare: Acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, insect repellent and insect bites, oily complexion, psoriasis, scabies, spots, varicose ulcers, wounds.

According to researchers in Washington using Tainio Technology, the vibrational frequency of essential oils is the highest of any natural substance known to man. Through the principle of entrainment, the oil’s higher rate will raise the vibratory quality of that individual that uses it. 

The electrical and magnetic fields of the human body are complex and dynamic. They are associated with dynamical processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biologic processes on many different scales. The frequency of the human brain is 72-90 MHz, and of the body is 62-78 MHz. 

Bergamot vibrates at a frequency of 105 MHz, and we, aromatherapists, call it the oil of “Self-Acceptance.” It addresses despair, low self-esteem, self-judgment, feeling unlovable, and overall hopelessness. Bergamot is a master healer and is one of the absolute favorites that I chose as one of the main ingredients of True Self formulas: MaitriRelease, and Confidence formulas. 

All three formulas are in stock in Stones Throw retail and online stores and available for no contact pick-up. They come in a convenient 10 ml and 2 ml roller-ball glass bottles ready for direct inhalation, topical, or acupressure points application.

Now a few words of precaution, as with many essential oils! 

Regular cold-pressed Bergamot is phototoxic, causing extreme sensitization of the skin to sunlight. It also may be photocarcinogenic. Regular Bergamot should be avoided for topical applications at least 12 hours before exposure to UV-Light of the sun or tanning beds. 

Now the industry has a Bergamot FCF essential oil, which is bergapten-free/furanocoumarin-free. In this essential oil, the chemical constituent(s) responsible for the extreme sensitization of the skin to sunlight had been removed. I use ONLY Organic Bergamot FCF in ALL Maitri Verde’s formulas. My clients get full benefits of this incredible healing oil, including acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, spots, varicose ulcers, wounds without risks of sensitization.

Essential oils are powerful healing tools when used correctly. Aromatherapy is a healing modality that produces incredible results but can become harmful in ignorant hands. Don’t get discouraged by the precautions, but rather seek a trustful source to get your oils and the expert advice on how to use them properly! Get into a habit of reading the labels on aromatherapy products, and ask the seller a question when in doubt.

I sincerely hope that I inspired you to make Bergamot your aromatic companion. And that from now on, when you see that Bergamot is included in the topical formula, you will make sure that it is furanocoumarin-free. Do not apply on your face before you confirm, and it is always a good habit to do a patch test.

I wish you a beautiful month of May as we smoothly transition into summer!


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