Our Grand Reopening Open House!

Saturday, August 25, 2:00pm-5:30pm

8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati


Join us for an afternoon of Celebration, Community, Inspiration, & Education

Now at one location

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Are you interested in alternative health, but don’t know where to turn?

Local Events

Are you looking for something different from the mainstream?

Songbird Community Healing Center

Come discover our local gifts, crystals, wellbeing services, health products, and art.

More About Our Store

Wellness includes your body, mind, and spirit along with your environment and the products you use.

We’re offering 15% off purchases over $100 and

10% off purchases over $10

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• Enjoy FREE informational and interactive talks.
• Relax with affordable wellbeing mini-sessions.
• Meet the artisans and practitioners. Win raffle prizes.
• Find the best services and products for your unique needs.

See what we have in store for you!


Free Talks (Times Tentative):

2:40 Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Healer Sue Wilhite. “Tune” your nervous system to help you feel better, more relaxed and to sleep better. Learn a little of what sound can do for you! www.SweetSoundofSuccess.com

3:00 Understanding You, John Sanchez. Discover how to use your ego and fear to live in the feeling of love and acceptance. Once you truly understand that the purpose of fear and ego is to be a vehicle to knowing and embodying your deepest truths, you can merge duality into neutrality within yourself.

3:20 Embodying Your Divine Self: Truth and Wisdom, Devon Sophia Delaney. As you embody and integrate your true self, how do you move through the world and discern truth from fiction? Explore how to use your inner compass, your inner guidance system, to live from your highest truth and wisdom in your everyday life. DevonSophia.com

3:40 Jason Leen’s Channeled Elixirs and Books, Jan Klyce. Jason, Jan ’s partner, was clairaudient since age five. He received two books through spirit: The Prophet Trilogy, authorized by the Gibran Society as the trilogy completion, and Peace at Last, the after death experience of John Lennon. Jason worked with Archangel Michael to create the Fleurs Angelique Elixirs: a blend of Heaven & Earth for “SOUL REMEMBRANCE.” FleurAngelique.com

4:00 Natural Rhythms of Your Consciousness, Jesse Stark. Explore the philosophy and techniques of natural healing by using earth medicine, your inner light and thought waves to bring your health and state of mind to a rejuvenated level of love and peace. www.SingingBowlHealing.com

4:20 There is Help If You Ask, Puja Dean. You are the combination of all you have been and programmed to be. Discover methods to help you improve your life and to awaken. Explore other side support and soul imprints influencing your present experience. SageBrushReadings.wordpress.com

4:40 Raising Your Vibration with Intuition, Terry Trapp. When your vibrational frequency is high you can increase your energy, health, well-being and spiritual connection. Developing your intuition can raise your vibration with powerful tools for transformation and healing. WholeSpectrumNutrition.com

Mini-Sessions ($10/one, $15/two, $20/three):

Singing Bowl and Crystal Meditation, Jesse Stark. Relax and relieve stress with crystals and the vibrations of singing bowls. Tune and charge your chakras. Ignite your energy emotionally and physically. Change your perspective to one of love and admiration. Bring out your best. www.SingingBowlHealing.com

Nutritional Counseling, Iridology, Reiki & Readings, Terry Trapp.  Bring insight and balance into your life. Kinesiology and Iridology can find imbalances in areas such as nutrition, vitamins, food, environment, emotions, mind, spirit, and genetics. WholeSpectrumNutrition.com

Psychic Spiritual Counseling, Clairvoyance, and Tarot, Puja Dean. Puja works with energies to heal physical and emotional unbalance. He provides past life and behavioral hypnotherapy for positive transformation. He can provide Readings of your Spirit Guides. SageBrushReadings.wordpress.com

Tuning Fork Healing and Tarot Readings, Sue Wilhite. Relax, reduce stress, and clear negative thoughts with tuning forks. For clarity regarding career, relationships, spiritual questions and more, see Sue who has studied, practiced, and taught Tarot for over 25 years. She is also a Profit Attraction Mentor. SweetSoundofSuccess.com

Intuitive Sound Healing, Energy Alignment, and Vocal Toning Training, Devon Sophia. Devon Sophia provides social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual wellness to create balance, wisdom, peace, and joy. She works with the pure frequencies of Love to hold loving space and create empowerment to Rise in Love! DevonSophia.com

We look forward to seeing you!

Songbird Community Healing Center

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