Tarot Resonance: Be the Star You Are – by Sue Wilhite

Star card from Voyager Tarot

I love the Star card – it’s one of my favorites, and I’m always delighted when it shows up in a reading! In my book 21 Templates that Run Your World, I say this about the Star:

When they are fully actualized, Stars not only can accomplish much for themselves but can help others achieve great things as well. The Stars do not inflate themselves with arrogance; they are full of compassion for those striving to catch up to them.
At their best, Stars give direction to the rest, but do so from the place of connection to all living beings (and even what we think of as non-living objects). The Star radiates outward so that others may see, and joins with other Stars to increase the path’s illumination for others.
Being a Star involves accepting change, for every Star constantly creates and changes its own internal fuel. Being a Star means to accept and work towards your own dreams while also helping others manifest theirs.

August reminds me of the Star because it resonates to the number 8, which resembles the symbol for infinity pointing up. That leads me to think of the higher resonance of 8, the number 17. In the Tarot, the Major Arcana card 17 is the Star.

What can we do to be Stars? Well, first I would suggest going on a 24-hour complaint fast. Instead of complaining, try to think of what you can do differently or how you can ask for help. Most complaints revolve around something not working; point out what you would like differently and be solution-oriented. Sometimes, in the case of an illness or injury, it’s hard not to complain because there’s so much discomfort.

A good way to re-phrase a complaint would be to mention the solution first, then the reason why. “I’d like to have XYZ, because A wasn’t working for me.” And remember to smile – you’re a shining Star, so spread the light around!

And speaking of LIght, here’s a meditation to amp up your Heart Light, so you can shine more brightly. Read it aloud once or twice, slowly and with pauses, then record it on your phone or computer (I use Tape-a-Talk on my Android phone, and I’m pretty sure iPhones come with a native recording app.)

Take a nice deep breath, filling your lungs with air, then allow your lungs to relax, letting the old air out. With your next breath, imagine that your breath is nurturing a small spark of Light in the center of your heart.
Just watch the Light for a moment, then imagine that your next breath causes the Light to increase up to the level of a nightlight. Watch the Light, and see how it gets picked up by the blood flowing through your heart and carried out to your cells. Feel the glow.
And now with your next breath, allow the Light to get brighter, up to a 100 watt light bulb. The Light now gently spreads throughout your body as your cells get more and more.
With your next breath, let the Light increase to a floodlight, so that it’s shining out of your body, shining in the room you’re in. Keep breathing and enjoy the glow.
With your next breath, allow the Light to fill the room, and brighten everything around you. Imagine that the Light goes out to all the people you love. Bask in the glow.
One more breath, and imagine that your Light goes out to all of the billions of people in the world.
Shine, shine, shine!

Sue Wilhite is an author and Master Voyager Tarot Consultant. She spent 25 years in IT departments in the Silicon Valley before developing her right brain by going back to her early fascination with metaphysics and spiritual studies. She is also a Law of Attraction coach, sound healer, and is known as the “Profit Attraction Mentor.” She specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies. For more information,  come by her walk-in hours on Mondays from 11-2, or check out her website.