The Stars Are in Their Eyes, Devon Sophia

Starseeds, we are waking up!  How will we serve the children of today? The ones that may or may not respond to the typical development of children, state standards to now national standards of college and career readiness, medical and behavior interventions, and inspired educational methods, not typically taught in public schools. Children now are on their own life path distinct from what we have ever seen or heard of before, one of clear seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing?  How will we serve these children? The ones that are showing up in our families, classrooms, and everywhere.  Will we pacify them, empower them, serve them?  What is the way of the future? How will we show up for the ones that hold the galaxies, and galactic essence in their eyes? These ones call us to remember more than we were ever taught as children. Their truth, their love, their knowing that all are one. How will we serve these children? The answer lies within, within the heart of all of us, our combined unified crystalline beautiful heart grid of love, and this is the deep inquiry well. Now, is the time, this is the moment. How will we serve these special souls? By limits, by freedom, loving guidance, our new awareness?  The minority is becoming the majority, and before we know it, we will be looking at the depths of the ocean to see the world rightly. Bring forgiveness, where there was misunderstanding.  We tried everything within our parameters of freedom to give them a golden life. All that glitters is not gold. And the gold is the light of a child’s soul that illuminates all the darkness of the world.  Borrowing the words of Rudolph Steiner, through imagination, intuition, inspiration, a sense of truth and responsibility to us all, these children light the path forward for us all to see, and choose, will we walk with them? 

Devon Sophia Delaney is an intuitive spiritual wellness practitioner, who has worked for over 10 years in schools as an educator, and in various capacities.   Devon knows that all her students have been great teachers, and many lessons were learned beyond the lesson plan. She is participating in  “Mentors of the Future,” a think tank cultivated by Kathryn Brewer, to begin this inquiry through the expressive arts in meeting the needs of today’s kids.  Devon is currently spending time with family, through the passing of her dear father. She will be serving in the  Songbird community from Central California. She is available for online and phone sessions with Starseed Parents, Divine Feminine embodiers, and is available for sound healing and circles by special arrangement visits by appointment. She will be visiting in March to hold space for the Sacred Feminine Starseed Circle on Sunday, March 17 from 1-3pm. For more information see her website.