Parenting Yourself for Success

Cute little girl looking at flowers through magnifying glass

Cute little girl looking at flowers through magnifying glass

What were your parents like? Were they easygoing or strict? Did they let you get away with anything you wanted or were you forced to follow lots of rules? The way you live your life today is shaped by how you were raised. The beliefs you formed as a child rule your life, not only in how you parent, but also in how you birth and create your dreams.

Your upbringing may have made you afraid to take risks or spend money. You might be a rule follower. You might not take action on your dreams because you might be afraid that you don’t have permission to do what you want to do. You might be good at doing things for other people, but might feel you need to do things the normal way without thinking out of the box. You might be waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Alternatively, you might be too relaxed. If you’re not used to consequences or having to work hard, you might be lazy about putting in the work it takes to accomplish what you want. You might spend all your time partying or having fun. You might be a good dreamer, but not a good doer. You might be waiting for someone to take action for you, just like your parents did.

Your parents did the best that they could, but it’s rare to find the perfect parents. Many people spend their lives wanting their parents to be different, trying to make them different, or trying to find the perfect partner to take care of them the way they wanted to be cared for as a child. Now that you’re an adult, you can take back control of your life and re-parent yourself. Your parents may not have given you everything you needed, but now you can give yourself what you need.

What rules and boundaries do you need to make your life a success? What dreams do you want to take action on? What things are you afraid to dream about? What beliefs you formed in childhood are holding you back?

Whatever they are, there’s no need to judge or blame yourself, your parents, or anyone else. That’s just another way of holding yourself back. There is just this moment and what you want to create in this moment. Give yourself a hug and let yourself know that it’s safe to go out and take action to manifest what you want. Find a way to release the inner voices. Let out the inner child who was curious about the world and didn’t know the word “no.” Clear intention creates clear manifestation.

As Francis says, “It’s time to jump the fence and run for it!” Come to his talk or many of our other offerings to help you in clearing out the beliefs and patterning that hold you back.