Moody Moon Astrology: November 2016

scorpioThe Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd, while there is a new moon in Scorpio on October 30th. This is a harmonious and positive new moon with harmonious aspects both to Neptune and Mercury, making compassionate communication easier and positive emotional connections more likely. 
Scorpio rules the unconscious and often repressed energies both dark and light within all humans. She also rules all things related to the taboo, hidden, criminal, life/death/transformation, inheritances, sexuality, and resurrection.  Represented by the snake, the eagle and the phoenix, Scorpio encompasses all the depth, beauty and ugliness of life itself. She dares us to look it in the face and transmute it into its highest spiritual form.
Therefore it is very interesting that our elections are held in this season, as elections are so clearly a reflection of the unconscious and conscious feelings or ideology of a population.
But I will leave politics and move on to another exciting Scorpio subject… sexuality. While Scorpio resides in the 8th house, both Pluto and Mars are ancient and modern rulers. Therefore anywhere in your chart that Pluto, Mars, 8th house, or Scorpio aspects other planets or each other will have a huge impact on your sexuality (among other things).  When I say sexuality, I mean everything from sexual abuse to the type of things that you enjoy in the bedroom.  To truly explore these aspects takes a deeper knowledge of astrology, but I want to give you a little taste.
That said, to very easily find out both your romantic and sexual styles as well as what you look for in a mate, you need only look at Venus and Mars.  I am giving you a highly simplified version of Mars here to illustrate the basics.
To find out your sexual style or drive, you would look at Mars in your chart.  Mars can also represent the masculine ideal partner in a person’s chart. Those of you with Mars in a fire sign, this is like fire on steroids.  Mars in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius would point to a high sex-drive, a higher level of experimentation, high physicality, higher level of kinkiness, some aggression as part of sex, sex games, and a higher number of sexual partners.  
Mars in Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn point to a high degree of sensuality. Sex would be slower, more gentle, very natural and would involve candles, food and wine. This is usually with a lower number of sexual partners, with long-term steadiness as part of the sexual style. They are not very experimental and like the tried and true.  
Mars in the Water signs Cancer Scorpio, and Pisces will have the most emotionally and spiritually connected sexual experiences. While there can be experimentation and kinkiness, it is always done with emotion being the highest value. Sex means intimacy, depth, connection, sensuality, playfulness and being highly erotic with sharing emotions being a crucial part. 
Mars in Air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius are very connected to the mind.  Eroticism would be very mental based on ideas or talking (“dirty” or otherwise). Air is highly based in communication through ideas, words or even ideology. Intellect would be eroticized, sex would be less physical and more mental. Sex could be experimental or not, with many partners or few and definitely less sensual. A mental connection would be the most important part to those with Mars in an air sign.
On to the moon! There is a full “super” moon in Taurus on November 14th and a new moon November 29th in Sagittarius.  Again, the full moon is the best time to release anything you no longer need and the new moon is the most fertile time to plant seeds of intention for the coming month. Enjoy your month!
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