Embodying Love with Mary Magdalene with Natalie Doel

I was so happy when I pulled Mary Magdalene’s card from the Keepers of the Light oracle deck for this month’s blog, not only because I love the energy the Magdalene holds, but also because visually, it is one of my favorite cards. To me, the contrast between Mary’s deep red robe and the snow white lilies she holds suggests what I experience as Mary’s greatest gift: the ability to welcome our pure, divine selves into the perfect imperfection of our human experience. For me, more than anything Mary Magdalene is all about embodying Divine Love in human form. She helps us to heal our heart wounds so we can live a heart-centered life at a whole new level.

Ever since The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003, speculation about the true nature of the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus—which had already been a subject of scholarly debate—has raged among everyone from serious religious scholars to priestesses of the new age. Whether they were married and had children or not, one thing that is well supported by the few historical records that exist is an unusual level of equality in their relationship, and this, to me, is just as important. In this age when the feminine is in an undeniable resurgence across the globe, I can think of no better depiction of masculine and feminine power working in balance than the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The image below is one of my favorite depictions of these two ascended masters. Notice that he holds the chalice, and she the blade. This emphasizes that both individually and together, they model a balance between masculine and feminine energies (with the blade symbolizing the former, and the chalice the latter). Their hearts are also highlighted, suggesting that they teach the Way of Love together, in a demonstration of equal partnership. The phoenix is a symbol of resurrection, and I believe that in the context of this image it also represents the rise of the feminine. 

As the “Apostle to the Apostles,” it was Mary of Magdala who brought to the other disciples the news of Jesus’ resurrection. While many of them resented that she had been the first to see him, where would they have been without her devotion and message, and what would have happened to the teachings they had received from their Master? We will never know, but it could be argued that without Mary of Magdala’s vision and courage, the true teachings of Jesus may not have survived at all.

We would do well this month to follow her example by sharing our truth without reservation and fully letting go of the need for permission to step into the full power of our light. What would your life look like if you allowed masculine and feminine energies to come into perfect balance within you? How can you emerge from sheltering in place with a greater commitment to maintaining this balance? Call on Mary Magdalene to help you formulate your vision for the month ahead, and welcome the fullness of Divine Love into your human experience.

Natalie Doel is a Kyle Gray Certified Angel Card Reader. For more information, see her Songbird bio and website. To schedule a session, contact her at na*****@so************.org, 415-533-3922.