Great Things are Coming

Great  Things are HappeningOn our Facebook page recently, we posted the pictured quote, “You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient!” A lot of people shared it so it clearly resonates. What seems to be going wrong in your life and what new vision do you want to create?

Lots of world events lately could be viewed as “wrong”- the Stanford rape decision, the Orlando massacre, Trump & Clinton as the major party candidates… But how do we know what is really wrong? Perhaps these are simply what is necessary for the new energy to enter. If you are patient, perhaps a world more to your liking will emerge.

Tragedies often bring people together and create ripples that can change the world – even if it isn’t obvious at first. The rape victim wrote a beautiful passionate letter that impacted many people. Angels appeared at the Orlando funerals to keep the protesters away…

These are all examples of people taking action to create their vision of the world. The Orlando gunman was another example of that. He wasn’t acting to create my vision of the world, and he wasn’t acting in a way that fits my vision of how I want the world to be, but he was taking action to create the world that he wanted. The world is changed by people taking action to create the world they want.

What is your vision of how you would like your life and the world to be? Are you doing anything to create it? Are you taking action from a place of passion or a place of right or wrong or good or bad? Are you trying to convince others that their view is wrong or sharing your passion in a way that makes people want to join you?

Often just feeling your passion is all that it takes to convince others to embrace your dream. I think that it is one of the reasons that many people are drawn to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. People feel thee passion in their words – even if they don’t agree with their positions on the issues and the words they use.

I created Songbird because my passion is providing the information and support that you need to live your dreams. Living your dreams starts with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We address all of those at Songbird. Once you have taken care of yourself, then you can take action in the outer world.

Take a moment today to take one action – big or little to support your vision of the world or your vision of your life. Don’t give up when everything seems to be going wrong. Be patient and keep trying as the energy shifts. Let us know if we can help.