New Year’s Inspiration, Jasmine Gold

Happy New Year! What are you inspired to create this year? It is important to regularly check in with yourself to see if you are heading where you want to go. You may be surprised by what you discover. I recently realized I was inspired to start teaching again.

For me, New Year’s Eve was traditionally my time of reflection. I would get together with a few close friends to reflect on the past year and what I wanted to create in the upcoming year. Since we started the New Year’s Eve Psychic Intention Setting party at Songbird, I have started finding other times that work better for me.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post from shaman Francis Rico. It said, “Instead of broadcasting intentions, try listening for inspiration.” I love the flavor of the phrase “listening for inspiration.” Inspiration feels more aligned with how I live my life. Next year I may call our party the New Year’s Eve Psychic Inspiration Party! Inspiration feels very different from goal setting or intention setting.

I see goals and New Year’s resolutions as something that you create without necessarily putting intention into. Some goals are “should’s” and fear-based. They aren’t coming from listening to Spirit. You may not have the time or money to make them happen, but you think they are something that you ought to have or do. You write them down without an action plan.

When I started studying with Miguel Ruiz, I switched to using the word intention. When you set an intention, you intend for it to happen. You take action. Sometimes it happens as intended, and sometimes something gets in the way. Sometimes you are blocked by a fear-based obstacle to overcome, and sometimes the obstacle is a sign to change course. Sometimes you can later get back where you intended, and sometimes you are meant to do something else. The word intention feels like it comes from the mind. The word inspiration inspires me. It feels like it comes from the heart or the gut.

When you feel inspired to do something, you are successful because you are inspired to make it happen. You may still end up in unexpected places along the way, but if you are still inspired to go to your original destination, you will find a way. Sometimes what originally inspired you may no longer inspire you. That’s fine. Some inspirations are short term, and some are long term. That’s where the listening comes in.

Make sure you are listening for what truly inspires you and not acting from fear. When you are listening, everything flows, even when you are encountering obstacles. If you feel stuck, you can see it as part of the flow. A river flowing to the sea sometimes encounters rocks and obstacles to flow around, but eventually it reaches the sea.

This is very different from the go with the flow energy that many spiritual people put out. Going with the flow in their perspective generally does not have a destination in mind. There are rarely concrete actions to reach a destination. Actions are driven by other people’s actions. Inspiration, on the other hand, is all about taking action yourself. You take action to make something that inspires you happen.

For the last 18 years ago, my life has been about inspiration and manifestation. I was inspired to start exploring the Toltec way of life by attending Allan Hardman’s Toltec Wisdom Circle. I was inspired to find a way to travel monthly for three years to be part of Miguel Ruiz’s Toltec Dreaming. I had no intention of joining when I had gone to Peru the month before. After I got home and listened for inspiration for my next steps, that was what I heard. Because I was inspired, I made it happen – even though I had a six year old child and didn’t think my then-husband would let me go or let me spend the money. Later I was inspired to start the Hands of Gold Healing Clinic, Songbird Community Healing Center, and Stones Throw. Now that they are feeling grounded, I listened for what needed to happen next and heard the message to teach.

I hope you’ll join me at my Manifesting Your True Gold Self class this Sunday or one of the other events at Songbird that support you on your journey to manifesting the life of your dreams!