How to discover your limiting beliefs, and why

limiting-beliefsOn the path to evolution and change, one of the most challenging and rewarding discoveries, has certainly been the one about limiting beliefs and their influence on our choices.

Those beliefs subtly control our everyday life running silently in the background, like an all-consuming app we forgot to shut down.

Ever wondered: “How come I’m in the same kind of unfulfilling relationship.. again??” or “Why do I always struggle with money!?”?

If yes, then discovering your limiting beliefs could really make the difference in how you’ll be experiencing life.

As Carl G. Jung, the famous psychiatrist said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Our way of thinking co-creates our reality.

So as the app that runs our devices, those negative beliefs run our lives in many unexpected yet predictable ways – that’s how vital it is to become aware of them. 

I was once helping one of my clients – let’s call her Jennifer – to understand her money pattern. It became soon very clear how she could have not invited very positive experiences into her life. Since like, forever.

“Money is not easy to get” “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money goes by fast!” “Rich people are greedy and uncaring”.

Those were just few of the thoughts that came out at the very first check we did together. And she was very surprised. She had never realized that those were her most recurring thoughts about money. At least, never BEFORE then. And this, most of the time, is the turning point. We rarely take the time to discuss if what we believe about something, is actually up to date to who we are or who we desire to be.

Almost suddenly, she had a flashback of an episode that happened when she was in her 20’s. After working on a project for a whole month, the same exact day she received her paycheck, she also got a bill in her mail. And sure enough, that bill was almost the same amount of her big check! She remembered herself sitting on the ground holding the two pieces of papers in her hands, sobbing and feeling miserable.

It then became clear how those ideas had created the most important experiences in her life as well as certain patterns. In her own words, “the thought that being wealthy equals being greedy, looks like a good reason to have as little money as possible…like everyone else in my family”.  We proceeded to explore many other areas, and more came up for her.

Becoming aware of what’s unconscious, is the first, most important step one can take toward freedom.

And once you’ve gained some awareness, this process can be taken to the next level.

What we used to believe has contributed to create what we are experiencing. Now, we need to decide what we want to believe next.

To reverse a bit the process, I suggested this question:

In order to create what I want to create, what would I need to believe?

Jennifer played with this question and had some important realizations. She couldn’t believe how negative her way of thinking had always been. It prevented her from experiencing more of the good of life.

So she continued to work on her awareness. She then learned how to redirect her attention to what she wanted, letting go immediately of the negative thought. In a short time, she found herself waking up everyday with more energy and positivity. New, more exciting experiences started to happen. She witnessed the change happen from the inside out.

Of course we used specific tools to help her do that, and achieve the goals she had set for herself.

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