Brain Balance

LeftBrainRightBrainJust two weeks ago I returned back from my 8th trip to the Toltec pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. I love going there because the strong energy there helps me tap into my creativity and my power of manifestation. At the same time, I find it challenging because it sets up a war between my logical left brain that questions whether tapping into energy is possible and my right brain that has done so enough to know that it has to be possible.

It is my strong analytical left brain that holds me back from reaching my full potential. I haven’t been able yet to completely shut off the part of me that denies that I can talk to crystal skulls and do healing work. It denies that I am a powerful manifester and wants to consider everything that I have created coincidence. It keeps me from completely embracing me my power of intuition.

Learning to balance the left and right brain is key to success in life. We need to be able to use our left brain to take action, but if we let it take control too much, it blocks the flow of creativity and manifestation. Our ancestors knew how to do this and didn’t question it. They didn’t shove these energies aside the way our modern world does.

Do you feel balanced between your left and right brain? Are you all about getting things done without focusing on the creativity and the journey? Are you all about creativity, flow, and having fun without taking the action to be successful? Where do you need to balance yourself?

This month we have three Friday Flock Nights that not only highlight the diversity in our offerings at Songbird, but also tie in with all of what I am writing about. I couldn’t choose between them so we’re offering all three.

Our first Friday Night Flock on Friday, May 13, Design Thinking for Business Success with Roberta Ryan, is an opportunity to discover how you can use both sides of your brain to help your business succeed. The second one on May 20, The Six Pillars of Indigenous Mind with Maria Owl Guttierez, helps you awaken your sacred relationship to Dreams, Ancestors and Nature. This also helps you achieve balance. Finally on May 27, we have Alternatives to Acupuncture for Pain and Stress Relief. with Robert Labensart. Letting go of pain and stress will help you move forward with your life. Robert will cover Mind Gems, Crystal Acupuncture and Qigong Somatic Energy Techniques – all the kinds of things that my brain wants to question.

We hope to see you at one or more of them!