Fear and the Coronavirus, Jasmine Gold

There are two major responses I see to the new coronavirus – panicking or blowing it off. This is true for many things in our lives. Rather than go to one extreme or the other, the best approach is to be prepared and know the facts.

For most of us, if we catch the coronavirus, it will be mild. You may even get it and not know you have it. Your chance of dying is low unless you are elderly or have a pre-existing health condition. All of this is true of the flu too. That’s why it can be easy to be complacent and blow it off once you realize the facts. That’s where the real danger lies.

You might personally be fine if you get the new coronavirus, but you might spread it to those who are at risk of death. The death rate is higher for this population than the flu. It also appears to be much easier to catch than the flu. It’s possible we could have a huge outbreak all at once that the hospitals aren’t prepared to deal with, just like in China, or we might not. A major outbreak could affect all of the local businesses. Seattle is already seeing a major impact. Let’s do what we can to keep the same thing from happening here.

Just like with the flu, take precautions to boost your immune system and keep yourself from spreading the virus. If you are already taking care of yourself to avoid the flu, there’s probably nothing else you need to do. If you aren’t taking basic precautions like washing hands frequently for 20 seconds, avoiding contact with sick people, staying home when you are sick, disinfecting surfaces, etc. than this is the time to start. These kinds of precautions can help the coronavirus from spreading to the at-risk populations. The more we do, the less likely we are to have a serious outbreak.

While you are focusing on keeping yourself and others physically health, also take some time to keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy. Just as you don’t want to live in fear of the coronavirus, don’t let fear hold you back anywhere in your life. Look at the fears and beliefs that you might be transmitting to others and release them. Spring is on its way. It’s time for spring cleaning on all levels. Take action and don’t panic!

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