Dandelion Filters, Jasmine Gold

What do you see when you look at this picture? A patch of dirt? A patch of beautiful flowers? A patch of weeds? Healing herbs to harvest? This is a great example of how we all have different perspectives. The lens we look though affects how we see the world.

If you view dandelions as bad, you will try to get rid of them. If you view them as good, you may enjoy them or harvest them for their healing properties. If you don’t care, you might leave them alone without interrupting the flow of their life cycle. These kinds of viewpoints play out on a larger scale in the way we live our entire lives.

Some of our beliefs might be obvious. We all have voices in our head that give us their opinion. They may tell you what to do or what not to do. These direct voices are generally pretty easy to become aware of, but not necessarily easy to transform. It’s the subtle voices in your head that are most challenging. These cause automatic actions in your life that you may not even realize you are making. They may cause you to make choices or do things that you regret without even realizing what you are doing.

You might unexpectedly get angry at someone or feel hurt, but it’s never about the other person. It’s always because they triggered something in your belief system. This came up for me recently. I am taking on a roommate because my boyfriend and his son are moving out. I thought I had found the perfect roommate weeks ago. My intuition as well as the readings from others seemed to confirm that it was a good fit. We signed a lease, but she hadn’t put down a deposit yet. All of a sudden, my mind started coming up with reasons why it might not be a good fit.

Instead of trusting myself, I started projecting my past experience with renters and relationships on her. I panicked that it would go wrong. Once you hold that belief, it’s easy to create that reality. The Universe responds to our beliefs. I almost did push her away when I thought I was simply sharing the fears that had come up for me. I tried to clarify, but I was convinced it was over, even after she told me she was going to spend a few days in retreat and reflection on what I had said. Instead of flowing and waiting a few days to hear from her and let us both process, I started posting everywhere for a roommate. It took me days to let my mind stop running the show and to check back in with my inner self. I finally reached out to her at the same time she was ready to reach out. After the last Hands of Gold Clinic I met her at La Plaza Park where she was watching the sunset. We talked over what had happened and confirmed our rental agreement.

Just like the dandelions that have taken over my yard and my neighborhood, we can let our lives flow. We can pick them as flowers, weeds or herbs. We can leave them alone. We can let them go to seed and blow the seeds. None of these choices are right or wrong. Choose what makes you happy in life. Don’t fight with what is happening in your life. The dandelions open in the morning and close up at night, but they don’t argue with what life brings them. I took this picture in the early afternoon and three hours later the yellow field was gone. Dandelions follow their rhythm without stress. Human rhythms are more complicated, but we don’t have to stress either. Be patient and trust your intuition, not the voices in your head.