Crazy or Wise?

We are showing the movie Crazywise at Songbird on May 2. The film explores mental health in the context of whether someone is “Crazy or Wise.” I have asked myself this same question whenever I get an intuitive hit of something to do. I asked it when I decided to open Songbird and attend Toltec Dreaming. I ask it when I choose alternative health treatments over medical health treatments. How do I know whether I am crazy or wise?

My concern has partly been driven by having a brother who is bipolar and schizophrenic. He frequently disrupted my teenage and young adult years by saying or doing crazy things that voices told him to do. There were many times when I was afraid of him. In another culture, I wonder if his experience and mine would have been different.

Because he heard voices telling him to do crazy things, I often worry that I am crazy to hear voices. How can a crystal skull talk to me? How can I trust myself to do something that I seem to be drawn to do when it makes no sense to my brain?

For me, the crucial difference is how grounded and centered I feel when I get my crazywise intuitive hits. When my brother said or did things that seemed to make no sense, he would talk very fast and didn’t seem at all grounded. I have experienced this with other mentally ill people. While I know some channels who talk fast, they are usually grounded when they are in that state.

When I get intuitive hits of what to do, I am usually in a grounded, relaxed, and meditative state. An idea will pop into my head, and it either feels right or it doesn’t. It’s the same when I talk with my crystal skulls. I am relaxed and listening. They don’t tell me what to do, they offer advice. It is up to me to remain relaxed and decide whether to trust what I hear them saying or not. That is how I have accepted that what I do is wise and not crazy.

I can also shift my view to one of non-duality. In this case, I don’t look at any action as crazy or wise. It is simply a choice of what I want to manifest in the world.

If you struggle with making choices, we have a variety of practitioners to help you on your path. Come learn, heal, and thrive with us.