Harvest What You Plant, So Plant Now!

Have you heard the phrase “what goes around comes around?” Yes, it can mean karma, but it also refers to getting results from your actions.
For many, Fall represents when our energy begins to slow down. The leaves start to change color, and the sun comes up later and goes down earlier, reducing the light available. Although the majority of September officially still belongs in Summer, mentally and emotionally, we think of September as Fall, when the harvest comes in.
You might pause and reflect – Am I happy with the crop so far? What do I still want to get done this year? Can I plant a late crop? The answer to that last questions is: almost certainly! As long as you are still alive, you can start something new. And here’s why you want to plant new seeds and get planning for new crops.
You’ve probably heard that memory fades as we get older, right? Wrong!! It turns out that we just get lazy. Actually, our brains do. Children live vividly, and experience everything in the world as new, different, and exciting. Their brains naturally remember more because we remember what we put our attention on. As we get older, our brain prefers to take shortcuts, and fills in the outlines of familiar things it recognizes. The brain will encourage you subtly to resist change so it doesn’t need to do as much work. People tend experience mild to severe anxiety as a response to change, because the brain is trying to reserve its power for “real” new things. So, to help improve your memory, change your environment regularly. (But keep putting your keys in the same place – habits really ARE useful!)
Is there a new hobby you can explore? A new friend you can make? A new tool or accessory you can try?
Can you rearrange furniture? Paint all or part of a room? Buy art for walls or shelves? A new hairstyle?
I promise, your harvest will be new health, new energy, new you!