Heart Harmony, Jasmine Gold

I recently returned from my ninth power journey to Teotihuacan, Mexico. I had intended to come back with concrete next steps for Songbird and me. Instead, the journey turned into a reminder to focus on being and not doing. This is the lesson that Spirit has been try to get through to me all year. In alignment with this, Songbird will be focusing less on searching for special events speakers and more on heart support for what we already offer. We will hold our heart open for what comes rather than trying to force things to happen. When the answers come, we will take action. By trusting and believing, miracles happen.

Everywhere I went in Teotihuacan, I saw hearts, both internally and externally. This heart on a pepper tree is one instance. An internal image was my SpiritGold logo holding a heart (pictured without the heart). At first I loved the image, but then my mind got hold of it. I started seeing it as me supporting everyone with my heart instead of me getting the support I need as well. I started trying to come up with other images, but they all felt awkward. When I shared my original image with another practitioner, she mentioned that it could represent sending out the heart in order to draw people in. I love this reframing.

I keep asking Spirit to tell me how I can align with my heart and focus on this being energy when I have so much to do. I don’t get a direct answer because this is another doing question. The answer is just to be it and the doing will follow. The obstacles clear out automatically when you are in heart harmony.

Sometimes it can happen instantly and sometimes it takes time. Spirit doesn’t have the same sense of time that we do. When I returned from my January weekend retreat at Bodega Head, I put together a morning schedule that I wanted to follow. This schedule will allow me more time for being in the morning. I have had challenges sticking with it. One of the obstacles was my boyfriend’s schedule. This month he started a new job and is out of the house at 6:30 in the morning. That obstacle has been moved.

For the last month I have been focusing on the challenges of adjusting to the new schedule, but now I am starting to focus on the gift this gives me to align to the path I want to be following. Since combining Songbird and Stones Throw in the same building a year ago, everything seems to be coming together. Even the treatment rooms that I have been asking Spirit to fill up are getting filled up.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been back from Teotihuacan for over three weeks now. My old patterns have been coming back, but as I remember to align with my heart and draw on the energy of Teo, I can release them. Teo also gave me a gift this trip, my second old crystal skull. The first was brought back to me by Francis Rico on his journey last fall. The two skulls wanted to be together to form a yin and yang heart so Jessy Bloom, our Stones Throw wire wrapper, wrapped them for me. I am still sorting out their role in my life, but they feel very powerful.

As Songbird and I come into Heart Harmony this year, look for new and exciting on-going and special events to support you on your journey. I expect that our second year in our upstairs space will have a very different energy from the last year.