Thyme & Herbal Allies, Anna Bazarnaya

The winter season continues, and we are genuinely under the influence of the Water element, with its core emotion of fear and the main theme of going deep within, which may involve triggering some old pains and insecurities. The cold, windy weather, flu season, plus lack of sunshine can affect our mood, causing melancholy and depression, and put an extra strain on our immune system. It is time to bring some herbal allies to the rescue. 

Our garden thyme (Sci. Name: Thymus vulgaris) is one of the best examples that indicate how invaluable the treasure of Nature is. It’s bioactive, energetical, and spiritual properties have so many practical applications: as herbal infusions (similar to a tea, but brewing for 10-20 minutes), in baths, tinctures, essential oil, hydrosol, and the flower essence. 

Thyme is a herb ruled by Venus (according to Nicholas Culpeper), its energy is hot and dry, and the main elements are Water and Metal. 

It was burnt as an aromatic fumigant by ancient Sumerians around 3,5000 years ago. Calling it tham, Ancient Egyptians employed it in the embalming process, while the Greeks used it as a culinary herb and to disinfect the air and prevent the spread of the disease. Some scholars tie the name to the Greek word thumon, meaning “courage,” as the plant was associated with bravery. In Ancient Rome, the soldiers bathed in thyme water to give themselves vigor before going to battle. Centuries later, medieval noble ladies embroidered a sprig of thyme on the sash of their favorite knight before he left for battle.

Thyme is a ‘chameleon-like’ plant that produces essential oils of an extraordinarily different character depending on the geographical region of growth. These varieties are called “chemotypes” in aromatherapy and are the epitome of remarkable adaptability. These genetic variations occur in plants of identical genus and species when they are grown at different altitudes, in different soils, or under different climatic conditions. Thymus vulgaris grown at sea level absorbs more infrared light, producing the ‘hotter’ thymol chemotype. Plants grown at high altitudes absorb more blue/ultraviolet rays, resulting in the ‘cooler’ linalool chemotype. 

In addition to linalool and thymol, Thymus vulgaris also features carvacrol, geraniol, thujanol cineole, and ρ-cymene chemotypes, offering in an energetic and even a metaphorical manner a team of allies for embracing change. Thyme charges the batteries of our life (kidney function) and revitalizes our exchange with the world (lung function) – giving us a more optimistic, less anxious outlook on ourselves and life. 

Renown for instilling courage and valor, thyme reflects its action on the water element and the Will (Zhi). Its essential oil can is helpful for reduced self-confidence, apathy, and fear. Restoring confidence at the deepest level, thyme instills both spiritual fortitude and bodily vigor. Whether demoralized, apprehensive, or alienated, we can always rely on its warm and virile strength.

Thyme’s “nature and signature” is expressed in its anti-microbial, fungicide (candida), antiviral and parasite-fighting properties, thereby powering the immune system. Thyme linalool stimulates the adrenal glands and increases hormonal output. It is an excellent energizer, neuro-tonic, uterotonic, and a recognized aphrodisiac. 

The linalool chemotype of Thymus vulgaris essential oil is safer to use topically than most other Thyme oils that tend to be high in skin irritants phenolic compounds like thymol and carvacrol. If you don’t know which chemotype you have, play it safe and use not more than a 1% dilution. 

Thyme hydrosol (the aromatic water/distillate) is mildly antiseptic, antiviral & anti-fungal. It can soothe insect bites, can be used externally to clean wounds also as a wash to treat acne & dermal infections, or added to baby’s bath for diaper rash. It is used internally as digestive & intestinal cleanser, balancing to the mind & body as a daily tonic. 

A thyme flower essence is an Essence of mystery and hidden depths. Thyme helps us be in the here-and-now present moment and with all time-related issues, as well as to open to receiving timely healing support. The thyme flower essence is beneficial for those who are always struggling with time, working under the pressure of meeting deadlines, and still trying to beat the clock. Thyme helps to dissolve one’s feelings of confinement within timelines, bringing a more relaxed way of dealing with life’s daily events.

It enhances concentration, increases energy, assists those adapting to seasonal changes, and consequently helps one be more effective with their work in the present moment. It is a perfect remedy for 

The folklore use of thyme includes placing the herb inside the pillow or above your bed to induce a relaxing night’s sleep and protect you against nightmares. It is considered one of the ingredients of a magic dreaming pillow. Thyme was sacred to the Druids, and a place where the wild thyme grows would have been considered a dominant position, blessed by the Gods. If burnt, it will help purify the area, and Ancient Greeks and Romans burnt thyme in their temples and sacred places to ward off negativity and raise the spirits, as it brings an aura of active tranquility.

Thyme is an incredible medicinal plant with so many practical applications. You can create a beautiful thyme-themed Courage Ritual. Take a thyme-infused bath with a couple of dry or fresh stems added to the bathwater. Afterward, apply the diluted thyme oil over your heart chakra for an immediate boost of courage and sip a cup of warm thyme tisan to open up your throat chakra, encourage self-expression, and to speak your truth.

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