Major Songbird Transitions, Jasmine Gold

The path of Songbird Community Healing Center, Stones Throw, and the Hands of Gold Clinic has always been Spirit-led and filled with surprises. This year has been no exception. When Songbird celebrated its 10-year anniversary in January, I couldn’t come up with a vision for the future, but already felt Songbird was moving in a new direction. Two months later Songbird closed down for Covid. At the same time, Stones Throw has continue to thrive since it reopened in May.

The Songbird practitioners have been meeting for the last couple months to chart a path for 2021. We’ve realized it’s time to refocus and rebrand. Instead of being Songbird Community Healing Center with Stones Throw gift store, we will now be Stones Throw with a few healing services from Songbird. This returns Songbird to the core of what we are. Our website will be updated to focus primarily on Stones Throw. 

Walk-in services will continue through Stones Throw. The Hands of Gold Clinic, which started five years before Songbird, will continue once a month on Zoom until it can happen again in person. We will be exploring ways to improve it. The energy of Songbird Community Healing Center will continue, but we are permanently downsizing Songbird and letting go of everything else, at least for now.

We will keep our Meetup groups: one for the Hands of Gold Clinic, one for the Walk In hours, and one for any events that our current practitioners want to post themselves. The links will be on our website. You don’t have to be a Meetup member to see the calendar. These will be our only calendars.

Juliet Carrillo and Christine Engblom will be renting out our small room upstairs full time. Other practitioners are seeing clients on Zoom or in their own offices. We have ads on Craigslist for the large room upstairs and the two small rooms downstairs. I am hoping to rent them out full time: either month to month or with a six month lease. Until that happens, they can still be rented part time or hourly. Terry Trapp is looking for practitioners who are interested in sharing one of the rooms with her.

When indoor classes are able to start up again, I expect something new and exciting to arise in a completely different form from what it was before. It may be called Songbird or it may be called something else. Letting go and transitioning allows room for this to happen without being stuck in the Covid limbo energy.

Please continue to reach out to us for any support that you may need. While the Songbird focus is going away, we are still here for you. I’m glad to have shared some of the last 16 years with you and hope that will continue in the future.  Our newsletter will probably be on hold until we have something new to report.

Stay grateful and healthy this holiday season.

With love,