Flattening the Curve: Love and Not Fear, Jasmine Gold

How are you doing at focusing on love and not fear? The coronavirus helps us remember the importance of staying in the moment. The world is changing. These three images sum it up: 

As director of Songbird Community Healing Center, a community of practitioners and those we serve, there are many voices, both external and internal, that clamor for my attention. It isn’t always easy to listen to my heart and my inner knowing underneath the voices. My inner knowing has no words. It is a silent beacon guiding me on my journey.

The question I have been asking myself is whether to keep Songbird open or to close it. Yesterday evening, I was going to leave it up to the teachers. As a place of healing, we want to stay open to support you. At the same time, this is the critical week to flatten the curve of the exponential growth of the coronavirus.

I woke up this morning to a Facebook group post that the ICU at a hospital in Sacramento is already full. They are already out of ventilators. I knew this was already happening in Seattle and New York, but this is even closer to home. Strangely, this is not front page news. I have first and secondhand knowledge of many people in Sonoma County who have officially been told that they may have been exposed to coronavirus and are unable to get details or whether the people who exposed them have been tested. I have heard of long lines at the hospitals of people afraid that they have the coronavirus. Yet, none of this is in the news.

Today my heart is clear. We are going to cancel physical classes until the cases go down. We need to keep everyone healthy and not run out of room in the ICU.  Let’s hold the intention that this will only be for a couple weeks. Some classes may be held over Zoom such as our free weekly Crystal Insights class this Wednesday at 7 (donations welcome via paypal to gr**********@gm***.com). You can join by Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/131457524?pwd=KzZxY25MOU9qbmcyUy8yWkphNjZ5UT09 . Contact individual teachers to see what they will be doing.

Songbird will continue walk-in hours and private sessions. We will frequently sanitize door knobs, light switches, and other surfaces that you might come in contact with along with practicing social distancing when possible. Most of our practitioners can offer remote sessions via phone or Zoom (other than sound healing). Call them at Songbird during the walk in hours on the Songbird line or their personal phone if you prefer this. You can see their schedule and contact information on our website. If we needs to close, they will still be available for remote walk-in and private sessions from their homes. You can contact them directly and see the schedule on our Walk-In page.

Stones Throw will remain open unless we are told to close.

Our Hands of Gold Clinic next Tuesday, 3/24, will most likely be held remotely and not cancelled. I will send out an email a few days beforehand with information on how you can sign up for remote sessions. If you never been to the Hands of Gold Clinic and don’t get reminders of when it happening, let me know and I will add you the list.

Finally, let’s come together as a community remotely to send love and light into the world. Every day at 9am and 6pm, take 5 minutes (or more if you have it) to consciously focus on all the fear dissipating and everyone being healthy. Focus on the hospitals having plenty of beds and plenty of ventilators for everyone. Focus on the sick people getting well quickly and the number of new cases going down. You can picture the curve of new cases that is currently going steeply up, flattening out, and going down. Throughout the day, when you have a moment, do the same.