Riding the Winds of Change: Words of Comfort Channeled from the Council of Twelve through Evalena Rose


I’m honored to help Spirit offer these words of comfort for our troubling times, words I hope bring you relief and new direction.  Sitting with a high Council of Light is a gift to me as well as channeling to you helps me regain my balance and joy in living, Blessings, Evalena

Change is afoot.  Wherever you go from here, you will be changing, for the whole world is changing, basic assumptions are being challenged.  What seemed secure no longer does.  To stay balanced, one must sink one’s roots into what is unchangeable, the core of your being, the Light at your center.

When the material ground you’ve sought hard to establish under your life begins to come unraveled, as in a political or economic upheaval, it’s easy to feel you’re losing the ground of your being.  One can learn from centuries of spiritual practices to ground in something that cannot be taken away, in the ancient flows of the Divine within.  Fortunes come and go, but these flows are eternal.

Somehow, no matter how fortunes change, one manages.  One finds a way, perhaps with the help of friends, perhaps consolidating resources, perhaps liquidating some of what no longer serves.  Who can disagree with the need for course corrections in what was an ever-growing materialism, consumerism, and the mad rush to get ahead?  Ahead of what?

Your society has fostered an awesome denial system that imagines bubbles never burst, what goes up keeps going up.  It has never been so.  Highs are followed by lows, peaks by valleys.  The peaks from the recent bubbles resulted from a dizzying climb, so coming down feels a bit like free fall, but the valley floor is reached before long and it will level out.

You will feel fear all around you, yet many will attempt to live life as usual, spend on things that have come to be expected, never questioning if one needs the lifestyle one has built.  Perhaps it’s time for something different, closer to earth, more ecologically sustainable, more community-based.  Perhaps the winds of change are actually blowing you to a life you’ll enjoy more, perhaps the Divine has It’s hand in this, too.  Whatever happens, your soul devises a plan to grow through it.

In fear, one imagines separation from God/ Goddess/ Source, yet that which you separate from is the very solace and guidance you need.  When you’re anxious about what is to come, it seems hardest to go within, to sit quietly in meditation, to seek the solace of sitting in the Source of love, yet that is when you most need to.

Ask Divine Mother to hold you, Kwan Yin to absorb your suffering, goddesses and angels to help release you from your mind.  Suffering is more what the egoic mind makes of things than what actually is happening.  Your mind can create isolation and desolation, or, the need to call others to pull together, to share available resources, to hunker down and wait it out in communion and compassion.

Who in your world can you reach out to?  What resources and gardens can you share, how can you turn assets into barter tender?  When the world goes haywire, one wants to step aside from it as much as possible and reach out in community for all that can be shared while the world finds a new kind of stable ground, arriving at the solid valley floor, so to speak.

When everybody is in the same boat, there need be no shame in having to adapt to new circumstances.  Love yourself, seek to forgive yourself for decisions made in different economic times.  Sure, you could have (you name it): saved more, not bought “x”, sold “x” sooner or held on to it, not expanded or expanded sooner — every ego has a few “if only’s”.  Following such thoughts is non-productive and keeps your mind too busy to work with Source.

Your life requires that you get very “here and now” so you can join in partnership with Spirit and with others to ride through these winds of change.  Presence and openness in your heart will help you find the options that will carry you through.  It’s when you get quiet and stop trying to control things, when you surrender, that Spirit can move through you to motivate action to serve your highest goals.

Guidance comes in many forms and comes every time you ask, though you may not perceive it. It’s easy to miss as the “still small voice” can seem like your own mind, though it may feel more calm, peaceful, wise.  Guidance may also come in a strong hunch, that moment when your intuitive field gets activated, where you have a gut feeling.  It may come as a scent, a sound, or a synchronicity of music, words, or images showing up with your answer.  When you ask “Guide my words, my thoughts, my actions,” expect an internal sense of what to say, where to go, what to do.  When you partner with guidance, you walk in the center of your path where all the resources are that you need.

Release any beliefs that want to make this ride through the valley wrong or bad, beliefs that look to blame others or shame your self.  We’re here now.  It just is.  When you accept these new realities, you allow new doors to open, new options to occur.  You settle in to live what is.   This valley can heal the frenzy of the climb, allow you to come to rest, for in the stillness you will know what to do.

The Hopis say of the white waters of change, “look around at who else is in there with you, and celebrate!  Take nothing personally, certainly not yourself.”  Focus on what you have and the strength you’re developing, and the surrender you’ve achieved.  Your happiness is a change of mind away!

Take very good care of yourself.  We love you immensely and walk every step of this path with you, when you ask us to.  Blessed Be.

Namaste.  The Council of Twelve.  December, 2008

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