Vibrational Medicine, Jesse Stark

Allow yourself to drift off to a peaceful trance of radiating positive light as the calming tones of the singing bowls captures you. Your essence is energy and vibrations. Because of your expanded vibrations during a sound journey you can receive higher spiritual light and vibrations from all sources, including from Earth, the galaxy and the ascended masters. I want you to see what the true nature of all planetary life is. For you to evolve, for Earth to heal it self and for it to live healthy it needs light workers. (You) of course are a light worker! The sensations you feel during the Sound session give you a sense of familiarity. The image and the idea of how you can expand into a higher state of being is part of you. If we are talking about healing or curing of the body and the mind, developing consciousness, shifting energy, positive images and thoughts, theta wave brain frequency or Meditating you have to do it naturally. There is nothing quite as natural as a sound healing. Man made medicine confuses the body, Earths elements specifically connect to your energetic field which allows proper energy flow within you and around you. We are electromagnetic beings of light energy. After a sound journey you reenter your physical body in perfect alignment. You are in total balance and most importantly your sensitivity as receiver of light and as a giver of light is now highly advanced. 

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