Be Peace Now

This month I was guided to pull a Strength, Heart, Challenge spread to give us an extra boost of support in what is likely to be another intense month. This spread allows a richer range of information to come through than is usually available when a single card is pulled.

I’ll begin with a brief overview of how the spread works. The Strength card represents a positive aspect of our energy or situation that the angels are acknowledging and reminding us of at this time. The Heart card, to me, represents an intention that is arising within our hearts, but that we may not be consciously aware of yet. Finally, the Challenge card can speak either to a literal challenge that we are facing, or (and this is more common in my experience), simply of where we need to focus our efforts in order to navigate our current steps with the most grace. 

The card that came up in the Strength position today is Archangel Metatron: Clear Your Vibes. It’s encouraging to see this card here, because it affirms that we have mad the most of the inward reflection time that our long period of sheltering in place has offered, especially with respect to the integration of supportive practices into our daily routines. With so many of our usual distractions unavailable, for many of us the pandemic has facilitated a re-assessment of how we use our time, and how we can better align this with our values. Metatron is encouraging you to take some time to acknowledge your progress, so you can enter your next cycle of growth with a ‘can do’ attitude.

In the Heart position of today’s spread, we have Diana: Focused Intention.  Her message is:

“Think about what you desire. Set your sights high. Expect the best possible outcome.”

Diana, or Artemis as she is known in her Greek form, is a powerful Huntress who helps us stay focused on our heart’s deepest desire, no matter what distractions come our way. As a maiden archetype, she points to the importance of autonomy and sovereignty in our search for deeper fulfillment. Her energy supports us at this time with staying focused on what matters most to us throughout the month and beyond.

Finally, in the Challenge position we find Archangel Ariel: Peaceful Warrior, who is referred to in some texts as The Lioness of God. She is a gentle yet powerful presence who helps us stand our ground with peace, whether in personal relationships or with respect to social programming. She is the ultimate ally in our efforts to say “no” to make room for the real “yeses” in life, a process that we will all face as life begins to open back up in the coming months.

Overall, this spread presents a strong message from the angels and ascended masters that they are eager to support us in rooting more deeply into the positive changes we have made in recent months, so we can step more fully into the lives we truly came here to live. The more we can do this, the smoother the planetary awakening that has been gaining speed all year will be. The more we can be the peace we want so much to see, the easier it will be for the world to reflect that back to us. It is not always an easy path, but we do not have to walk it alone.