The Universe is Singing, Jesse Stark

The Universe is Singing, admire the radiance of our beautiful planet. We are one with nature, we are one with all living things, we are 1 interconnected organism. We are light beings, we are from the stars, our auric body radiates the same light and energy as the Sun. We interweave with nature and Mother Earth’s rhythmic melodies. Raising your awareness is the key to enhancing your inner peace by admiring the sight of our cohesiveness with nature. Every single form of life is uniquely connected to another. A mushroom helps turn a decaying log into rich new soil. Dolphins and whales have some of the most evolved minds on the planet. They are our real cousins, our true family. They preserve pattens of light that make up the etheric structure of Mother Earth. They are patiently waiting for us, anticipating a time when we have raised our frequencies to a level of awareness deep enough to communicate with them telepathically. Every species of plant, trees and flowers gleam light and transmit energy. It is no coincidence that trees provide the oxygen we breathe and plants specifically produce the vitamins, minerals and nutrients for our bodies to be healthy. Water from a cloud on cold chilly day drops down and freezes onto a dust particle in the sky which creates a ice crystal. As the ice crystal falls to the ground water vapor continues to freeze onto the ice crystal and it just so happens to make a perfect symmetrical 6 figure shape known as a snowflake. Yes that’s how precise nature’s vibrations are even down to the smallest air particle, there’s always a facet of life that is exceptionally magnificent.

I’ve always marveled at the concept of how Earth has a full rotation every 24 hours. Our bodies also have a full rotation every 24 hours, our bodies and the planet run parallel and in sync with each other using this time table. Our bodies also sing to the same hum of the 365 days yearly sequence. Mother Earths rotational cycle of immersing us with 4 blissful seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With each seasonal loop, we age and grow older. The sophisticated machines that our bodies are seem to be in harmonic rhythm with nature and Mother Earths pulse. Mother Earth and our bodies appear to have the same time schedule.

Mother Earth has the same etheric energy field as each person does. The light carriers that we are not only have to heal ourselves and each other, but we also have to be planetary healers as well. It’s as if this wonderful canvas was perfectly arranged for us to make this possible. That’s why every single fiber of our bodies is uniquely connected to every single fiber of nature. A true light carrier is not only a healer to others but also a planetary healer. We have the strength to drive Earths energy patterns, when energies fall out of alignment with the planet we can regain balance and bring back its natural vibration for Earth to be vibrant and healthy. Opening up your awareness will give you a new level of understanding and show you that this was all so perfectly meant to be. We are united with all forms of life through love. Love is conclusive as the strongest modality of intuitive communication among humans, animals and Earth.

Jesse Stark is a Sound Healer. His Tibetan Singing Bowls produce tones and harmonic vibrations that ease pain, relieve stress, making you feel vibrant, charge your chakras and send you off to wonderful walkthrough meditations! He will ignite your energy emotionally and physically, and help you look at life from a new sense of love and admiration. He’ll help you discover what’s right with you, bring out your best, to carry forth everyday. For more information, see