Moody Moon Astrology: October 2016

Libra symbol

At the fall equinox we transitioned from Virgo to Libra and “eclipse season” is officially over for the year!  In Virgo we look for flaws and details and we refine.  In Libra we become more aware and focused on relationship harmony.

Mercury also ceases its retrograde movement and resumes moving forward, thank god!  Hopefully everyone’s cars, computers and phones came out okay…and maybe a few ex’s as well entered and maybe left the picture.

This month our first new moon in the sign of Libra.  Libra rules harmony, equality, balance, beauty, and also indecisiveness, lack of direction, intellectualizing feelings, and fear of being alone.  Most Librans love nothing more than being in partnership.  Ruled by the higher octave of Venus (lower octave is Taurus) this new moon will focus on love and/or finances.  Since Venus is in Scorpio right now, themes of past relationships, betrayal, jealousy, intensity, and passion will be highlighted, though it may be more covert and smoldering under the surface in true Scorpio Fashion. Though Libra avoids confrontation, Scorpio probes beneath the surface, so if a past wound comes up it can be released, and the most emotionally intense situations can be resolved. This is true of both business and personal relationships.

Libra makes us more aware that there are always two sides to a story, as well as the fact that we are “in relationship” with every part of our world, not just with people.  Libra also highlights ways we project our feelings and ideas onto others.  This awareness allows for consciousness to arise in relationships.  This is the time to sort out what you want in a relationship and the Libra new moon is about attracting love into your life.

On October 16th we have a full moon in Aries.  This will culminate the cycle of the new moon in Libra.  While the Sun is in the sign of Libra, the Moon naturally falls into the opposite sign.  Aries represents the spark of creation and the push of the emerging ego.  With Aries we embrace our passion fully, but need to make sure to not do so at another person’s expense.  Both Venus and Mars will be in the sign of Libra at that time, which will create passionate sparks for many of us.

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