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Consider what you are really giving when you give Handmade Gifts!

Stones Throw Gift Shop

We curate a collection of handmade and local gifts that are each infused with love by the person that created them. 


Whether it’s jewelry, art, cards, and other gifts from local artists, each item has been made by someone, here in your community. Your gift has been touched by someone that lives near you or is possibly a friend of a friend, and you are passing on the love that gift carries to someone you care about. Possibly even yourself!


We’re also the largest affordable crystal store in Sonoma County with rocks and fossils in a variety of price points from $1 to large amethyst cathedrals. These aren’t handmade though, they were made by, you know… But they are supplied to us by a local dealer in Cotati,  so each time you give one of these gifts, you are literally giving a small spark of creation itself that was garnered locally!  


We have a huge selection under $10, so they make excellent stocking stuffers!


We sell a variety of tarot cards. We carry natural skin care products, tea, incense, sage and candles from local artisans. None of our products have artificial fragrances. Some are unscented and others use natural essential oils.

Holiday Shopping in your community

And when you shop at Stones Throw,

You are buying from a local business, staffed with people from your local community.


We care about your business because it allows us to work here with our neighbors and our friends. When you buy local you are engaged in building your community, and we appreciate it! 

for holiday shopping buy local

When you give a handmade gift from Stones Throw you’ll make a lot of your friends and neighbors very happy, so happy that from time to time they’ve been known to even dance a little jig.

Try and find that kind of joy in a department store! 

Visit Our Gift Store Page to see more of the gifts we offer and the people that made them!

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And when you visit, ask us about our Songbird Community Healing Center just upstairs!

Or better yet…

Stop by the store on various days to explore a wide variety of alternative health and personal growth services from Songbird practitioners. Receive support in finding the right fit for you.


Songbird offers walk-in services such as Tarot Readings, Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Tuning Fork Healings, Sound Healing, and more. Services are sliding scale $1-$2/minute and free for anyone directly affected by the fire. 

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