Flower Essence for Emotional Healing & Soul Growth by Anna Bazarnaya

In 2020, traumatic experiences had been nearly impossible to avoid. From a global pandemic to social injustice to environmental catastrophes – we’ve been forced to face these issues, and these events had triggered unresolved personal and ancestral traumas in many of us. 

Unfortunately, traditional western medicine typically only treats the mental and physical manifestations of trauma, rarely acknowledging the needed emotional healing.

But there’s good news. There are healing modalities that address the impact trauma has on your physical, mental, AND emotional health, such as psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, Core Emotional Healing®, acupressure and acupuncture, energy healing, including Reiki, sound healing, dreamwork, family constellations, and art therapy. When combined with the natural healing power of flower essences and aromatherapy, you can experience emotional healing AND spiritual growth.

I want to bring your attention to a not so well known field of flower essence therapy. Initially, the first flower essences were the dewdrops gathered directly from flowers. Sara Crow, L.Ac. in her article “Dew and flower essences” explains that “historically, dew and its ability to sustain life were of great importance to various cultures worldwide, including the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Native Americans, Australian aboriginals, and the Maori of New Zealand

To the alchemist, dew is a medium that collects and concentrates moonlight, and precipitation of the cosmic fire element. It was used in many alchemical preparations, including elixirs believed to offer youthfulness and longevity”.

The modern method of making flower essences mimics the process of dew formation on flowers, but not precisely, bringing a modern twist with some advantages.

Flower essences are subtle liquid extracts that address serious issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are capable of stimulating deep levels of awareness and life-altering changes. They are much more than a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs or other natural herbal medicines. Flower essences imply a different healing approach that includes your body, soul, and psyche – the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. 

The skillful use of flower essences goes beyond the symptom-remedy approach. On the contrary, it includes a potential for deep emotional healing, soul transformation, and revealing your full potential through a comprehensive, holistic program developed specifically for each individual.

For the emotional healing, flower essences are capable of: 

  • Stimulation of emotional self-awareness. 
  • Creation of emotional stability – the ability to find one’s emotional center and release stressful emotions. 
  • Restoration of childhood memories. 
  • Assistance with healing core dysfunctions or traumatic wounds stemming from childhood, family system, ethnic heritage, or community. 
  • Bringing awareness of belief systems and attitudes that exist in the unconscious and are culturally transmitted. 
  • Stimulation of the psychic capacities of the soul, instilling genuine love, sensitivity, and compassion.

Flower essence therapy is an exciting healing modality. It can change your life you if you considered these factors: 

Patience and regularity. Dr. Bach, father of the modern-day flower essence therapy, stated that it takes one month of taking a flower essence for each year of experiencing trauma, addiction, or a particular issue. You can do your calculations, but it is naive to expect to move the mountains in one month.

Skillful choosing and combining essences. We often can’t see the wood for the trees and understand our trauma’s depth and objectively observe our behavior patterns and addictions. Consider finding a skilled practitioner that can create a healing protocol and lead you through the healing process for at least 3-5 months. I offer a private healing program, or you can find a list of flower essence practitioners at Flower Essence Society of California website.

Acknowledgment of the healing process and its stages. My mentor and founder of the Flower Essence Society of California, Patricia Kaminsky, determined the four stages of response to flower essence therapy, which correspond with my observation of steps of each healing cycle: 

  • Stage 1: The most immediate effect that brings quick relief, a release, or shift. Most of the time, the response brings a sense of well-being but can sometimes be unexpected or unpleasant, such as a sudden release of tears or increased sleepiness. It may be mistaken by healing, and often, people stop working with flower essences at the stage of the initial emotional and even physical relief.
  • Stage 2: Development of awareness and recognition about your feelings, emotions, patterns, and a note of the psyche’s hidden and rejected aspects – your “Shadow” that contributes to your dysfunctional patterns. This stage is a turning point because you get to know yourself better, become aware of what is going on with you, rather than depending on therapists and practitioners to tell you.
  • Stage 3: Deep psychological work and work on the old patterns imprinted in your present-day behavior. This stage requires the most determination and often associated with the “healing crisis.” It also requires a comprehensive, holistic program developed specifically for you and your life story. Complimentary modalities can include counseling, dream and journal work, meditation, visualization, art therapy, and other self-awareness techniques. This stage is the most challenging, but the most necessary for deep healing to occur.
  • Stage 4: Can be described as renewal, integration, and re-visioning of Self. When you address the wounds in a transformational way, they become starting ground for new potential and soul evolution. You transform your limiting conditions into positive qualities on the opposite side of the scale. Plus, you develop sincere empathy, understanding, tolerance, and compassion towards others going through the same sufferings as you did, engaging the Wounded Healer Archetype.

These stages do not automatically occur in every individual case. More than one stage can operate concurrently or in a slightly modified sequence based on the various issues one person can be dealing with. The duration of these stages can range from a month to a year or more, based on individual circumstances. And the single flower essence or formulas that are taken are adjusted or reformulated according to the individual’s progress. 

Holistic approach. In my company, Maitri Verde, I offer individual consultations and healing programs to create personalized flower essence formulas for each client. I also have a collection of formulas that I made by observing patterns and repetitions in my client’s cases overtime. These formulas can be used by self-healing experts after determining the overall stage of your healing cycle and be added as supportive medicine to spiritual practices and healing modalities, such as yoga, meditation, dreamwork, ancestral healing, family constellation, psychotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy, physiotherapy, and injury recovery, rehabilitation, energy healing. 

Determination and perseverance. It is essential to cultivate discipline and decision to go all the way through your healing journeys. Yes, journeys – because healing and soul growth happen all your life, and we complete multiple healing journeys, each having its theme and issue to focus on. Together with self-discipline, it is crucial to build your support team and dedicate time, energy and 

Be happy, keep healing, and keep growing!