Where is Your Sacred Mountain? – by Shannon Sundberg

This essential oil blend creates the experience of being on a sacred mountain.


Imagine standing atop a mountain and the view goes for hundreds of miles.  It’s stunning and you made the journey to see this beauty.  How does that feel?  Better yet, how does it smell?

It feels peaceful – you feel secure and grounded.  Empowered and strong.

It smells like a beautiful combination of sweet flowers, conifer trees, and a soft edge of wood.

Sacred Mountain

This amazing essential oil blend exclusively from Young Living essential oils can evoke this amazing experience on a cellular level when diffused or inhaled.  Be transported to that sacred environment within yourself.

The oils that combine to make this sacred blend are steeped in tradition.  Ylang Ylang has a sweet aroma that restores confidence and peace.  Black Spruce was used by Lakota Indians to create mindful openness for communication.  Idaho Balsam Fir, while many purchase these trees in December it’s aroma is grounding and relaxing to the body.  Cedarwood is the final oil and North American Indians utilized this oil to enhance spiritual awareness.  These are combined with the purpose to make an aroma that can take you to your sacred place.

This high frequency synergy has the potential to support emotional balance and to create therapeutic benefits for those facing challenges such as; anxiety, emotional trauma, stress, PTSD, and depression.

Where do you go to feel safe?  What if an aroma could take you there even when you’re sitting in your office after a hectic meeting…or on a park bench while watching your kids play?

Want to feel a wave of security wash over you?  Diffuse Sacred Mountain before bed.

Feel the secure hug that that lifts your spirit and brings clarity through chaos, then apply Sacred Mountain behind your ears and on the back of your neck.

Feel the anxiety and stress be washed away after inhaling and applying Sacred Mountain to your crown.

I imagine a chalk drawing that depicts scenes that cause hurt and fear and I embrace my inner self and squeeze the nozzle of the hose and watch the drawing be erased.  The ground is now ready for a new vibrant story that just might depict the stunning view from atop a mountain.

Shannon Sundberg is an Aromatherapist, and Young Living Independent Distributor. For more information, come by her essential oclass at Songbird on 3rd Thursdays from 7pm-9pm or check out her bio.