Sweeping Away Energy Blocks

Why is it that some people take all the “right” outward steps and are not successful, while others seem to do everything “wrong” and achieve success? This can be due to having or not having energetic blocks. I’ve found that to be true for myself. When I’m absolutely clear that I can accomplish something, it happens. The clarity flows through my body. It sweeps away any energetic debris in my way.


That’s probably why I clearly remember a scene from the movie, “The Secret,” which came out about 10 years ago. Someone said that he absolutely believed you could walk on water if you had 100% faith, but you are trying to put this belief on top of a layer of beliefs that says you can’t do it. Until you clear out that layer of beliefs, you can’t walk on water. That’s why people can do miraculous acts, like lifting up a car, when someone they love is in danger. They are putting so much energy into the belief “I need to save my loved one,” that there is no room for any other belief to stand in the way. All the other beliefs are temporarily swept away.

Another story that sticks in my head, from even farther back, was on a recording by Louise Hayes. She said that we have a file cabinet of every story we have ever told ourselves. When we try to tell ourselves a different story, a file clerk comes up and says “Are you sure that’s what you mean? There’s no file for that” It’s our job to tell the file clerk to create a new file.

Creating a new file folder is one way to handle changing your beliefs. However, if you have an overflowing folder with a belief that negates the new story, you will need to create a larger overflowing folder with the new belief. This is necessary for the new belief to hold more power than the old one. Creating the new folder is a long term process.

A quicker way is to tear up the old folder. If you decide to do this, you will need to make sure that you are truly ready. If you aren’t, you will just end up making a new folder with the same name. I’ve seen that happen over and over again. Mentally, you might think you are ready, but energetically you may still have a block that holds you back. It’s the reason people believe the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. They haven’t done the work to clear out the old beliefs. Their old file folder is still bigger than the new one.

At the end of my three year Toltec Dreaming intensive with don Miguel Ruiz, I wrote down the story of my life from a place of non-judgement and neutrality. Then I took my story to Teotiuacan and burned it in a bonfire. An action like this is one way to clear energy blocks.

This act of power, along with the other exercises we did in Teotihuacan, was a deep cleaning of my belief system. I came back free and ready to easily manifest. However, like with any cleaning, there are things that can get missed in the cracks and things that start to accumulate again. In order to continually manifest what we want, we need to be constantly sweeping and re-sweeping.

A month ago, I went to Bodega Head for a solstice ceremony with Francis Rico. That ceremony triggered a belief in me. Exploring that belief and its origins allowed me to clear out more of the energetic clutter that was still blocking me. Since then, I have felt everything is aligning for Songbird to manifest into all that it is meant to be.

The more Songbird spreads its wings and flies, the more we can be here for you to do the same. Songbird is here to be your supportive nest for you to manifest the life of your dreams. We have practitioners to help you sweep away the energy blocks that hold you back as well as practitioners to support you in sweeping away anything else other blocks on your physical, mental, and emotional road to wellbeing.

We look forward to seeing you soon.