March Rockstar Report by Dana Valley: Halite for Your Home

If I were to pick a rock that I use the most in my daily life it would have to be Halite.   Halite is commonly known as salt.  Yes, salt is a crystal!  It comes in lots of colors, pink being that Himalayan salt that is so popular right now. It’s also available in blue and yellow.  Who knew?!  Halite can be mined from the ground or harvested from the sea.   Salt has a rich and broad history having been used as a method of payment in ancient Rome, a way to preserve food and a way to melt the ice and snow on roads.  We even have taste buds dedicated to this crystal!  I too love to eat this crystal (especially on potato chips) but I also love to use it to clear my home.

People have different definitions of clean and I have learned to respect that and not judge.  My husband’s definition, for example, is not even close to mine.  He likes to have all of his things visible and close by.  I like to keep all surfaces clear and items in drawers.  I keep his things contained to his closet, his dresser, a chair in the bedroom, a plastic clothes basket that hasn’t left the foot of the bed since we moved in 3 years ago, and the garage.   When his items creep beyond these boundaries I corral them back.

At work, I keep my desk neat and tidy.  My email in-box is at zero and all of my files are color coordinated.  My co-worker uses the ‘pile-file’ system all over his desk and the floor.  We share an office.

What has helped me the most to cope living with people on the opposite ends of the organization/cleanliness spectrum is to learn how to energetically clear spaces using Halite.

I keep a small spray bottle in my purse filled with rose water, a few drops of frankincense essential oil, a small sprinkle of Himalayan salt and 3 small quartz crystals.   On a weekly basis I open up the windows to my office and spray the rosewater in all 4 corners, under the desks and around the door.  The rosewater and frankincense heighten the vibration and the halite really clears stuck energy in the room (even with my assistant’s mess on his side).  The quartz heightens and amplifies the effects.  If I neglect to clear the space on a regular basis I can feel a heavy drudgery feeling when entering the room and I can feel my coworker’s mess staring at me while I work.  After a tense conversation or a particularly stressful meeting I will take my crystal rose spray with me in the lady’s room and spray down my auric field.  The scent triggers me to calm down and center and the salt and essential oils help to slough off bits of heavy conversation and stress.

At home I have a similar routine.

I put a big spoonful or two of baking soda and Himalayan salt in a small mason jar with about 10 drops of essential oils and flower essences.  I shake the jar and sit with it for a few minutes as I fill the jar with reiki and charge the salt.  Halite not only holds the charge of the essential oils and essences, but also of the reiki.  This mixture is sprinkled on the carpets, (around my husband’s laundry basket) and allowed to sit for a bit before vacuuming up.  The longer it sits the better so often I will apply it in the morning before leaving work and vacuum it on my return.  The difference in the room is stunning.  There is a lightness to the air, a calming serene feeling to the space and even though my husband’s things are still in his piles, it feels good to me and I can continue to live there.

Strategically placed salt lamps are on 24 hours in both my home and work. They really help to keep the energy moving and even provide an energetic barrier that allows me to ignore the messes and concentrate at the tasks at hand.

At least weekly, I soak in a bath with a small handful of Halite.  The salt works by absorbing negative, dense energy.  If I go too many nights without soaking in salt water my mood is heavy, I feel sluggish and dull.  Salt scrub is another way to slough off not just dead skin but bad conversations, a heavy work load, stress and stuck energy from your auric field.  Sending this as a gift to someone who needs this can be fun.  You really can rock their world!

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Dana Valley, Intuitive Usui Reiki Master Teacher