April Rockstar Report by Dana Valley: Abundance

The dictionary definition of abundance ‘a very large quantity’ but how much is that?  A scoop or two of Ice cream is awesome.  A very large quantity is gross.  A cat or two is nice.  A very large quantity of cats lands you in the crazy cat lady category.  At what point does a very large quantity go from being nice to being a terrible burden?

Well, guess what?  You can have a lot of money and still be poor.  The dictionary is wrong.  Abundance is a feeling not stuff and if abundance to you means ‘more’ than by that definition alone, you will never have enough and will never feel abundant.

There are three stones that come to mind to help support us in abundance.

Pyrite is full of Fire energy.  A stone of action, vitality and strength.  It symbolizes the ability to generate wealth by our own power and helps tap into our own abilities and potential.  It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to the end.  It acts as a catalyst and get things going.   Try carrying a small pyrite stone in your pocket or put one some place you will see it every day.  On your office desk or where you set your keys are great places.

Citrine attracts money like a magnet.  It often called the Merchant’s Stone. Its color tells us that it is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the center of physical power and manifestation.  Citrine reminds us that abundance is unlimited and we deserve it.  If you have self-esteem issues around abundance, use more Citrine.  Citrine stones should be kept anywhere money is, a coin purse, a piggy bank, a cash register or the jar on your dresser where you empty your pockets.

Aventurine balances the heart chakra. If your heart is unbalanced by strong feelings of lack and you suffer from poverty mindset than it will be difficult for you to expect the best to happen.  This creates less room for miracles.  If this is you, be sure to use aventurine.  The more the better.  This would be the stone to carry in situations where you need a good outcome like a tax audit.

When combined, all three of these stones together work synergistically and make a very powerful prosperity and abundance crystal grid.   Come to my Monthly Crystal Playgroup 2nd Saturdays at Songbird from 1-3pm.  Here you will meet new crystal friends and together we will DO fun things with the stones.   In April we will be making our very own Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Grids.

More info at valleyhealingarts.com

Dana Valley, Intuitive Usui Reiki Master Teacher