Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ A’charya’: Tibetan Cranial Healing, Reiki Master, Yoga Therapist

Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ has been training individuals and groups for more than 35 years in yogic and spiritual practices, yogic philosophy and psychology. She educates individuals on their spiritual life, including stress management, deep relaxation, nutrition, and therapeutic use of yoga. She successfully developed a non-profit organization, Ananda Wellness Institute of Yogic Wisdom and Ayurveda and a healing extension as Ananda Wellness that provides services in various healing modalities, including Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda, meditation, and Tibetan Cranial.

She is trained in Tibetan Cranial healing modality by Shar Lee, the only existing trainer of this healing art in the world. This is an advanced healing art that helps the mind and brain function more effectively through adjustments to the skull and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). It is effective in those conditions that are impacting the central nerve system, increasing circulation in the head, and improving neural connections.

Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ is also Reiki Master, training people on all levels of Reiki and giving personal sessions for all health conditions. As a Yoga therapist, she offers an extensive overall health assessment of the client and recommends the best treatment that might include, Tibetan Cranial, Yogic tools like postures, pranayamas, meditation, Reiki, or using Ayurvedic approach with herbs and nutrition. This is the most comprehensive approach to health that she offers.