Aubrey Nichole Rhodes: Coach, Reiki Master

Aubrey Nichole Rhodes is a Bay Area native who has always felt an innate need to help and heal others. Throughout her life, people have come to her for her ability to listen, comfort, and at times provide advice. This led her to get an education in Social and Behavioral Sciences, with an emphasis in Psychology. She then worked for several years in the Corporate world, gaining experience coaching, training, and growing employees in their careers, before she eventually followed her passion into more hands-on and direct healing work.

Aubrey is now a Coach and Reiki Master, both practicing and teaching classes. She is currently working on becoming an Ayurvedic Counselor. She plans to keep learning different healing modalities in order to continue what she feels to be her mission of helping and healing with as many tools as possible.

A session with Aubrey can include Coaching, Reiki, or a combination. Aubrey’s coaching style is a blend of co-active and intuitive as she likes to partner with her clients, using her intuition to help as a guide in their self-discovery. Reiki sessions are soothing, relaxing, and aimed to provide supportive healing. Reiki can also be helpful in clearing trauma that is being held within the body that may be causing us physical or emotional pain.

At times it can be beneficial to combine Reiki with coaching in order to clear what is being held within the body before more focused work can be done.