Cécile Marie, Intuitive Readings, Human Design, Spiritual counseling

Cécile Marie is a holistic health coach, intuitive healer, certified EFT practitioner and Reiki Master-Teacher. She is the founder of Feminine Healing Arts, where she helps highly sensitive people and empaths connect with their soul purpose, so that they can create a happy life for themselves while keeping their balance and their integrity.

Born and raised in France as a highly sensitive kid in an abusive family, she started her adult life suffering from severe anxiety and chronic depression. Aware of what she didn’t want in her life, but not aware of who she really was, she started her healing journey with alternative practices such as nutrition and emotional therapies.

It is only in 2012, when she discovered the spiritual realm and the power of the kundalini energy, the life force, that she was finally able to tune into her psychic nature and her purpose on Earth. The power of the spiritual awakening she experienced catapulted her on a serendipitous journey on the path of Mary Magdalene, which eventually led her to California.

With very little understanding of what was going on, she reached out for support and guidance to get the tools that would help her do something with her gifts. She learned how to use energy medicine in order to get rid of abusive relationships, and learned how to use the stars in order to understand what kind of energy she was wired with at birth.

Today, she knows how to create the life that she wants and that is aligned with her energy. She hasn’t taken any chemical medication of any sort in 7 years. Her heart goes for the sensitive people who struggle with the exhaustion and the confusion she was in, knowing what not to do but not what to do. She knows how she can help now and how to empower people to do who they are meant to do.


Email: https://femininehealingarts.com

 Phone: 510-501-3290

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