Mark Chiang, VortexHealing

Mark Chiang started his journey in healing around the same time he was introduced to non‑dual teachings of spiritual awakening. An energetic and heart opening facilitated by a Tai Chi practice and meditation retreat led him to become a spiritual seeker and a massage therapist. Intuiting that deeper healings are possible via energetic modalities, he was led him to study medical qigong, Matrix Energetics and Reiki. This process ultimately culminated in becoming a VortexHealing® practitioner shortly after the 2017 wildfires.

Since Vortex dovetails with spiritual awakening, this is a natural fit. There have been various occasions where spontaneous healings took place for him either at a spiritual teaching or a group healing – including Vortex healings. The circumstances never involved disclosing the need for healing to any human agency or even having the intent, yet the experiences have been dramatically profound and undeniable.

Mark wants to make the same healing grace he experienced available for others in the community by offering Vortex as an open channel for divine energy and consciousness, serving others by being guided by divine intention.




Mark’s Upcoming Events:

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