Marlene Patterson: Certified Transformational Hypnotherapy, Certified Pain Relief, Wise Mind

marleneMarlene Patterson grew up in a small farming community in Ohio. This provided a life long relationship with the Earth, the varied personalities of the animal and plant world and specifically, a glorious love of trees. An early religious upbringing in the Quaker life cemented her beliefs in the power of a close-knit community.

To further her personal growth, she moved to the city and discovered the diversity of art, music, and life choices. Working with individuals having developmental disabilities for thirty plus years introduced a variety of healing methods, such as, Herbalism, Gestalt Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Art, and Movement mediums. The depths within people; the many ways people take in information, the many learning styles and problem resolution abilities have become a growing amazement to which she gives much gratitude.

Marlene’s latest transition is the ways of inner growth through hypnosis; the ability to share intimately with others, to support one person’s journey into themselves with tenderness and pause to appreciate where we are from, where we are now and our interest into our future. The journey of this inner exploration comes about through the use of the Wise Mind Process, ReSourcing to uncover inner barriers and a variety of visualizations and explorative techniques into this or other lifetimes. Please join Marlene in this peaceful journey to yourself.