A few weeks ago I went to Mount Shasta and hiked three miles on a snow covered road to an incredible valley at the end. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I was struck by the trees popping up through the ground. These are the ones that are surviving now despite the setbacks of the snow. Who knows what other beautiful plants will be growing once the snow melts.

This is how I feel when I’m asked how Songbird is doing. How can I tell for sure when we are still in the growth season? At the moment, I feel very abundant as I nurture the seeds that we have planted. They are starting to grow, but we are still waiting to see how they will all develop. Right now we are exploring movie nights and new classes for babies and teens.

Some of Songbird’s seeds are thriving. Some of them are not. We are cultivating the successful ones and pruning the ones that aren’t working. As I let them go, I do my best to do it with non-judgment. It’s a necessary step to take so that we can make room for  something new and try again. We are learning the right mix of seeds for all of us to bloom: the teachers and practitioners at Songbird, as well as the students and clients.

You can apply this to your life. What isn’t working for you? What can you leave buried in the snow to make way for new energy to thrive? How can you free up space for the new things that you want to cultivate in your life? By focusing on the energy of what you want to attract in your life, instead of what you are lacking or the difficulties of the journey, you can create abundance. If you try to crowd too many things into your life in the hopes of finding the right one, nothing has room to fully develop.