Action versus Reaction, Allergies & Relationships

Most people I know find it fairly easy to take action when they have a reaction to something such as an allergy attack. Yet, those same people often find it more difficult to take action from a lack of something in their life such as an unfulfilling job or desiring a relationship. I often hear the New Age viewpoint, “I’ll send my request out to the Universe and wait for it to be provided.”

I certainly have been guilty of the same thing. For a long time, a friend has been suggesting that I try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping) for my allergies and I resisted doing it proactively even though I had been suggesting it to others. It took a reaction a week ago for me to finally try it out successfully. I used these two videos for help: Allergy Free Naturally with EFT and Controlling Allergies with EFT.  If you aren’t familiar with EFT, you’ll need to watch a basic video first.

On the other hand, I have been very active at finding relationships in the 12 years since my divorce. People often ask me how I have been so lucky, but it hasn’t been luck. It has been persistent proactive action – running ads, replying to the responses, and going on dates. Just as the great baseball players strike out more often than they hit home runs, I have done the same with dating.

Sometimes we need to persistently repeat the same actions in order to give them enough time to work, but we also need to know when to change them because they aren’t working. Sometimes I will return to something that I tried unsuccessfully in the past and it will now be successful because I am different and my circumstances have changed. This recently allowed me to manifest a new relationship.

Every action has a reaction. If you like the reaction, keep doing it. If you don’t, try something different without judgment. You are never locked into doing things the same way. And sometimes you do need to just sit back and wait until the Universe provides you with the answer. However, this kind of non-action action comes from a place of choice, not expectation.

The key to choosing the right action is to follow your heart and what feels right in the moment. By following this guideline, you can easily weave your way through the different options. I’ve been called a powerful manifestor, but everyone has this same ability. I’m no different from you. It just takes faith, believing in yourself, and everything else I have mentioned above. If you need support, Songbird provides many classes and services to help you. I look forward to hearing about your manifestations.