April Astro Forecast by Hamida Judith Dides

AriesThe April Fool

After all that happened astrologically last month, one would think we are going to have some peace and quiet. Not so. There is plenty going on this month.

We enter the month in the sign of Aries, but shift into Taurus on the 20th.  Aries is about new beginnings. Visualize all the plants emerging from the dormancy of winter. For those of us with allergies, this is not necessarily a pleasant thought but all the blossoming trees are so beautiful and hold such promise. Nature is re-awakening. We begin to hear more birds singing. I always wonder where they go in winter. I love hearing them again in Spring.

I find myself coming back to life as if I too am being renewed by Spring.

The Full Moon on April 4th in Libra normally a peaceful sign for the Moon will resonate with the last of seven exact squares between Pluto and Uranus that we experienced March 16 by setting up a Grand Cross in cardinal signs. Time to act on all those good intentions we all have.

The Sun will be conjunct Uranus at this time and could result in some big surprises in the news. I’m not sure what anyone could do or say these days that could surprise us. There has certainly been plenty that is shocking and even unbelievable. I am so glad I don’t have TV out here in the woods. What I see of all the mayhem and barbarity on Facebook is about all I can take. What would be shocking is if someone laid down their weapons and stopped fighting.

On April 8 Jupiter will station direct in Leo. For creative types Jupiter in Leo has been and will continue to be for a few more months, a real asset. With Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Leo, creativity has no bounds. The only ‘problem’ being not enough time to do all the projects one conceives of.

Venus goes into Gemini on April 11 creating an incredible opportunity for socializing and conversation. Venus in Gemini is chatty and some may call her fickle as she plays the social butterfly flitting around from event to event. She may say, “Someone has to do it.”

Pluto goes retrograde April 16 until late September during which time we are cautioned to re-evaluate our resources. Pluto in Capricorn has been challenging all the man-made conditioning that controls the planet. Infrastructure collapses while attention is focused elsewhere. My question is “Why aren’t we securing our life here at home? Why aren’t we putting our people to work fixing bridges, roads, public buildings?”

April 18 we have a New Moon in Aries another perfect opportunity to set new projects in motion that will pay off later in the year.

The Sun ingresses in Taurus on April 20. Taurus is all about creature comforts and padding the nest. Maybe those ‘in charge’ will see the futility of spending so much money ‘there’ and turn their attention to ‘here’. We certainly need a change of direction. It seems we only act when there is a crisis.

Saturn in Sagittarius for the next three years might help us get back to a more natural way of being. In Evolutionary Astrology, Sagittarius represents ‘natural law’ contrasted with ‘man-made law’. It is time we re-establish ourselves as part of Nature, not as the ruler over Nature, but just one among many other species. Cooperating with Nature, rather than controlling her.

In the Spring season we see Nature fresh and full of promise for the coming year. A good time to renew your own intentions and refresh your goals. www.wayfinderastrology.com