relationshipreadingoctober13A few weeks ago I took a short vacation to Mount Shasta with my boyfriend Allen. While there, I did a reading with one of my teachers, Susan Isabelle. I was amazed that the reading contained some of the same cards as the one I did in March, despite the fact that the cards were pulled from a basket containing 100’s of cards. One of the cards in both readings which felt very appropriate, was a card entitled “Awakening.”

This card appeared both times in regard to my relationship, but it is a good way to describe my last year as well as my relationship with Allen. A year ago, I was awakening to the fact that I had just made a long term commitment to Songbird on a couple weeks notice. I was in escrow in our new building when the month before I had been questioning whether Songbird could succeed. I was also awakening to the fact that there was absolutely no way that the unhealthy relationship I had ended months before could ever succeed.

Over the last few years, I have been awakening to the fact that there is more to life than the physical, 3D world. My current relationship is accelerating that awakening. Among many other things, over the last year, Allen’s spirit self introduced himself to me at the winter solstice started communicating with me over the next couple months, and told me that he would be with me soon. This was confirmed by various readings. On May 1, when I wasn’t expecting him, he appeared.

I am especially awakening to the fact that I have manifested a healthy relationship with a supportive man who doesn’t expect me to be anyone except myself. He believes in everything I am doing – sometimes more than me. When I question my abilities, what I believe, or whether I am following the right path in life, he won’t let me sell myself short.

Six months after meeting Allen, our relationship is turning into everything I wanted it to be, Songbird is thriving, and I am awakening to the fact that dreams can come true. We are a “Source of Joy” for each other and provide each other “Spiritual Inspiration and Hope” as cards in the two reading stated. As I was leaving Susan Isabelle’s store, a banner caught my eye that is now hanging above my altar. It says:


To remove obstacles from your life,
one must understand,
doubt is the only obstacle.
The whole world is awaiting you.

How have you been awakening this year? How can Songbird support you?