Being vs Doing Goals

A couple weeks ago I was trying to decide whether to attend our annual Living the Life You Want in 201_ with the Tarot as Your Guide class. The teacher, Christeen Fischer, had sent out an email about it being a goal-setting class, but I didn’t have any goals that I wanted to set. That prompted a discussion between us of new ways of setting goals based on “being” instead of “doing.” This is what happened when I bought the new Songbird building. The thought to buy a building had never even crossed my mind. Yet, when the opportunity arose, it was completely in-line with my being so it was easy to act. Acting from my being made our Grand Reopening a huge success.

When I am busy, it’s hard to stay connected to myself. Taking the time to realign myself keeps myself from getting stressed and helps everything get accomplished quicker. Last Monday, I was way behind on my huge list of things to do for the Reopening Celebration, and everything seemed to be taking forever. After taking time off to go to the ocean, I returned rejuvenated. I spent the evening diving into my list and crossing things off. This blog topic came spontanteously to me, and I excitedly chose to stay up late to write the first draft. If I had stayed home in the afternoon to work on my list, I would probably have continued to struggle, what I accomplished would probably have taken longer, and I would probably have gone to bed earlier and still stressed.

I was stressed and out of touch with myself 2½ years ago, when Spirit gave me the opportunity to spend the summer in the spiritual community of Damanhur. Yet, I was enough in touch with myself to find a way to make that once-in-a-lifetime retreat happen. It’s hard to believe that I went there expecting to close Songbird when I returned. In that state of having too much to do and no idea how to make Songbird successful, I couldn’t see my options. Once I got there and had the chance to relax, I was able clarify my life purpose at the core of who I am. I created my personal passion statement, “To share information and support growth for everyone through community, connection, and creativity.”

Now, when I come across the opportunity to do something, I can look at whether it fits with that statement. If it does, I act, just like I did with buying the building. And sometimes, when I find myself doing things I think I don’t want to do, I realize it is one of the necessary stepping stones for aligning my actions with who I am. Then I can shift my thinking about it. Always make sure that your “doing” goals are in alignment with your being. Then they will usually manifest — though sometimes you may have challenges to surmount on the path to manifestation. If they don’t manifest, either you are not giving them time or you will decide that they need to shift because they are slipping out of alignment with your being. That is the art of “being” goals.

I hope you’ll stop by Songbird soon to see how it can support you on your path to being in alignment with yourself in body, mind, and spirit.